Your Life Doesn’t End at Retirement. It Begins.

Your life doesn’t end at retirement: it begins! And you have to plan accordingly!

During your retirement, you will go through 3 stages: honeymoon, relaxation and reflection. Do you know what will be involved in each phase for YOU? Let’s walk through them together.

The honeymoon is an exciting time, just like when you fall in love for the first time! Every day becomes a Saturday, and you can go nuts with activities and travel or sit at home twiddling your thumbs. There are 3 huge components to this phase: your lifestyle, your money, and your health. 

Most advisors only focus on the money, but you and I know it’s so much more than just the money, right? How do we balance your lifestyle wants and needs with your budget? And how do we keep you healthy to be able to enjoy it? 

It’s critical because you have worked so damn hard to get to where you are today! You’ve put off family time, trips, volunteering, and ME time to work your butt off and save. Now that retirement is around the corner, how will you make the most of your honeymoon? If you’re reading this, then you definitely don’t want to settle for the traditional retirement! You don’t want to sit at home and wait until your health gives out. Not for you! You want to take retirement by the horns and live it up, baby! Learning how to structure your days is crucial to having a fulfilling honeymoon!

The relaxation phase is a time when you’ll be slowing down a bit. You’ll still travel, hang out with the grandkids, and volunteer, but it seems to be a slower pace. You’re simply enjoying your down time. Staying social is key to keep your mind sharp and engaged and your spirits uplifted. As you move through retirement your friends from work will slowly and naturally drift away and you’ll want to seek new friends you can relate with. Community will be very important here! 

Reflection is when you look back on all you’ve accomplished in every aspect of your life, and how you can make an impact; not only as you age but also when you are no longer here. Leaving a legacy will be on your mind even more, and what that will look like? How cool would it be to leave an impact on this world even bigger than the impression you made while you were on this earth? When you start thinking this way, death will be less frightening. The traditional estate planning won’t suit you because you’re thinking even bigger than that. You can’t leave this earth your feisty fiery self that way! Nope, I won’t let it happen! You’ll need guidance and thinking outside the box for this one. You’ll need someone who isn’t your father’s advisor!

All of these components to experience the nontraditional retirement is why I created my Strong Retirement Club! To bring together a community of women, who want the same thing: have a freaking awesome retirement, make an impact, and leave a legacy! Your life doesn’t end at retirement, and I know you have more you want to do! During the club we have quarterly ME time, where we gather online for motivation and education! Each ME time is followed by an in person exclusive club EVENT to learn how to instill the motivation and education into your life. And to continue building the community, we have wine tastings twice a year so you can meet women in all the retirement clubs and share your stories, growth, and learn even more from one another. This gives you a small glimpse into how the club works, we meet either in person or online 10 times over the course of the year together. It means you will be 10 steps closer to the retirement you’ve worked so hard for, wouldn’t that be nice?

If this sounds enticing to you, come to my next Retirement Roundtable and learn more and meet the women already in the club. You can hear firsthand what it has done for their life! During the roundtables we will dive into the 3 phases: the honeymoon, the relaxation, and the reflection. I’ll let you in on all new tips and strategies that other advisors aren’t sharing because, quite frankly, they don’t know and don’t feel it’s worth their time. It’s a great way to learn more, meet some amazing women, and is a step to getting into my world.