You are the Stop Gap to Your Success

You are the stop gap to your success. 

OUCH! I know that is hard to swallow, but there is so much power behind this statement. It is in your hands!

Have you ever visioned an event in the future? You felt it, you could hear the crowd cheering while you were onstage speaking! Or you could see yourself walking down the street as people turn their heads because you know who you are in this world. Yes, you have seen these visions, which means they are meant for your future. 

How do you turn these visions into your present reality? Like come on Jess, I need the paid speaking gig like yesterday! I need a million dollars in my bank account today! I know I know, but here’s the deal:

Until you are happy with today, they won’t happen. 

Until you stop being a sheep following everyone else’s path, they won’t happen.

Until you stop putting so much damn pressure on yourself to live up to everyone else’s expectations (including your own!), they won’t happen. 

Take a breath, accept these points, and let’s now rip them apart to work for you:

  • Be grateful for all you have today, for your journey because it has made you who you are. And the world loves you for it! 
  • How can you separate yourself from the herd today? To stop blending in with everyone around you? Be YOU, post about YOU, and your messiness AND your successes. 
  • Build your trust muscle! Explore where you have felt the peace when you make decisions. Who do you talk to? Who are you surrounded by? Who do you thank? This could be God, the universe, Your Divine, your Higher Power. Look for evidence in your past on how many times you have been right when you trusted your intuition. 
  • Identify one risk you can take today that will bring you closer to your vision:
    • IE: Reach out to a podcast host, reach out to your idol, hire a coach, invest in yourself! 
  • Inspired actions=intentional actions! Yes, everyone says to act now! But don’t take action on just anything, go where your energy is, what lights you up! Remember, we are stepping away from what everyone around you wants and stepping  into what you and God want for you! It’s not selfish, it’s God’s gift to you, so take it lady! God’s been waiting for you!

This is why I founded the Women’s Wealth Boutique, so every advisor can find their own success. But we get to do it together! And if the advisors succeed, our clients succeed. It’s not selfish, it’s a gift, a blessing. And I am so grateful to be able to open our doors to women advisors and investors everywhere! Bless you, Money Queens everywhere! 

I want to know what lights you up, where is your passion, and how do we ignite it! Grab my latest book: Confessions of a Money Queen (free audio book here) to end the money blockage of your heart! You got this girl, we’ve got you, God has us all!