You are more than just a role, you playing small doesn’t serve the world anymore! 

I lead women to step into their power roles.

Meet Monica! Monica came to me for help regarding financing for a property she wanted to rent out and to become a property manager. This was extremely important to her because she was sick of being an employee and always having someone to answer to!

After the session, I kept feeling like the energy was lacking somewhere. I put together a solid plan for her, but I still didn’t feel right about it in my heart. I texted her, “Let’s jump on a call!”.

During the call, I began to envision how to combine her dreams of real estate mogul with her hobby of comedy. I said to Monica, “What if you became a voice in the real estate industry?” After over a decade of experience in property management, Monica knew all the rules, trends, and habits of successful people in the industry. “Let’s build you a platform to share your journey to the world as you embark on buying a multi million dollar building!” I continued.

Monica can run events, build a podcast and youtube channel, interview the local businesses about their journey, and have her own brand as she builds out her dream business.

The best part is her brand can finance the dream property! She will literally profit off of her education, expertise, and journey as she builds her Real Estate Empire. This profit will only accelerate her towards her goals quicker! Talk about a Power Role switch. From an overworked, exhausted, and frustrated employee to building her own brand that will finance her money goals!

Ready for your POWER ROLE in the world?

You are bigger than just a corporate role or a business owner. You have a voice; you have a platform! By playing small, you are not serving the world, but it is hard to play big when you are programmed to play small. 

I’ve been there! All my life, I was told to not look in the mirror because I will become conceited. I was told not to tell people about my basketball wins because it will look like bragging. To me it felt like, go for wins, but not too big of wins because others will think of you differently. If my daughter needs to stare at herself in the mirror for hours to feel beautiful about herself, then I will let her! But that also means I need to play a big role to show her what it looks like as well. I need to stare at myself in the mirror to get comfortable with who I really am in this world.

Monica needs to look at herself in the mirror and get comfortable with who she is in this world! The best way is to get in front of your camera and begin telling the world who you are, what you love about your work, and how you are ready to shine your light! Or maybe for you, it is telling your spouse what you really want to do or your parents that you want to step out on your own and leave the corporate world. Can you do this without worrying about their judgements?

Monica and myself have been pre-programmed to think and operate in a certain way! To follow what society has told us we are capable of doing instead of what God tells us we are capable of doing! How do we shift from other’s perspectives and judgements to our inner self? We take a pause to de-program life! To heal our scars! To forgive ourselves! 

You will never feel worthy until you forgive yourself! You will never be able to receive until you feel worthy! 

This is how I help women like you, like Monica! Are you ready to take your first step to heal and feel worthy?

Here is a gift from my heart to you. Get my meditation and workshop to allow yourself space to de-program and let go of your anger and hate.