Working from Home in a Pandemic… as a Mom

Today’s society is very different from only a  few short months ago. Many people are working from home, kids are being homeschooled, basically all aspects of life are happening in our homes. So, how do we, as women, do it? I have spoken to many women who are now working full time, managing daily household life, schooling their children, and caring for their entire family! The one thing everyone has said: women are still having to do it all at home! We’re still the ones getting the groceries, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, doing 3 meals a day for everyone, being the teacher, being the mom, being the wife, AND working full time. I’m exhausted from just writing that sentence. It’s a sad truth (for most), so how do we manage everything?

As you know, I am working from home and have 2 children under the age of 3, and a husband who is an essential worker. So how am I getting everything done? Well, I’ve taken the advice of others, and found a balance that works for me. I still have my meltdowns, I still fight to make it work everyday, BUT we are slowly getting into a routine. We all know that support is key in all aspects of life, so I decided to compile all the advice I have received from many working moms to try to help everyone get through this crazy time at home. 

  • Routines and schedules are essential! This has been one thing I have found to be key in keeping things organized in my house. Many other working moms have said the same thing. Set your schedule and make sure to stick with it. 
  • If your child is in school that has a flexible school day,  many moms have found they are more productive if they start school early before work, or post work. 
  • Another school tip that has worked for many is “working together”. Share a workspace with your children, be it the kitchen table or in a home office. This will allow you to set the kids up with a topic, then  get your work going. You will be jumping back and forth all day between their work and yours, but at least to run back and forth to different rooms.  
  • Screen time! I know it’s tabu, but screen time is going to be a part of life these days if you are a working parent. I have personally found learning aps on the tablet to be very helpful! I also don’t feel as guilty, since my daughter is learning! Also, I use TV time as a reward. This gives me time to make calls without interruption!
  • Meal prep and slow cooker meals
  • Set the intention kids come first, work second if you are in a shared area of the home. If you are in the home office, work first, kids second.  Boundaries are very important to have.  
  • When you are working, prioritize your work! Make to do lists based items that are imperative to get completed, and things that can wait a day or 2. 
  • Brain breaks are important for you and your family! Schedule brain breaks into your day. Take a walk, get some air, do a go noodle video with the kids. Just make sure to take those breaks, for everyone’s sanity!
  • Self care time, it is essential, it is also hard to do right now. Try to find even 10 mins a day to yourself! Meditate, do yoga, heck just take a shower without kids barging in. You need it for your sanity!
  • Allow meltdowns, for you and your family. This is a crazy hard time, we do not know how to navigate this, it’s okay to melt down every now and again! I do, and it is okay!
  • Cocktails, they are essential! Cheers!

These are unprecedented times, what works for one mom may not work for another, but know one thing: We are all in this together, and we’ve got this! If you need support, #callJess! I’m here to help, and so is everyone in our community. 

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