Where to really invest this year…

What investments do you need to make this new year? I’m sure your mind immediately goes to the bills, the kid’s school tuition and savings, renovations around the house, but what if I told you there are more important places in your life to invest money and time?! 

Invest in your retirement plan. In the past women thought Prince Charming would come and save her and pay for her retirement. No one can fund your retirement but you, so set up a retirement plan just for you and consistently save into it every month to build your nest egg. If you are currently setting aside money into your retirement account, then see if you can increase it by 1% for 2022 and take responsibility to increase your savings rate every few months or at least once a year. Speak with a financial professional as to what is the best retirement plan for you!

Declutter! One of the best ways to embrace new relationships, new work opportunities, more money, or a new house is to clear out the old. Invest in decluttering your house, organizing your finances, and relationships. Take some time to see how every aspect of your world is benefiting you or taking away from your quality of life. Relationships should give you energy back, feel satisfying, and stable. Are there people in your life that suck your energy, put a dark cloud over you for the entire day after a phone call, or take advantage of your kindness? Then it is time to kindly walk away and leave space for new! Are there work projects or clients who do the same, and you feel your power being taken from you every time? Then remove them to create space for better! Do you have Money and investments at multiple locations, and you feel scattered? Consolidate, organize, and put a strategy in place to get your money working for you.

Invest in your mind because it always opens up possibilities! Whether it is working with a mindset coach, applying for a new course, or committing to a meditation schedule, you are creating space! As a single lady in today’s world, we are suffocating from too many expectations, too much pressure, and too much on our to do list. Space is what we are craving! Space to be who we are, space to be where we want to be, and space to create our own timeline without the world telling us how it should be done. Investing in your mindset can allow you to see new possibilities that you would have never seen before. It allows you to heal from previous limiting beliefs, it allows you to expand your wealth consciousness, which can bring in more money than you ever thought possible into your life. The benefits are limitless just as our minds are limitless. 

Invest in self care, all things skincare, beauty, fitness and more, because when you look good you feel good, and good things come into your world. You begin to have this new confidence, a light that surrounds you and people can’t help being drawn into your energy. When you look good, you are more likely to speak up during your conference meeting. When you feel good, you are more likely to charge higher prices, get educated about money, and invest more into yourself. It becomes a cycle of the wealthy woman, investing in herself to grow and expand beyond her comfort zone only to continue to invest in herself. You’ll have the energy to go and make things happen! You don’t have to spend a ton in order to do this, even a monthly blow out or a monthly trip to the nail salon can do wonders for your overall beauty. A fifteen minute workout a day can lead to feeling sexy in your body again, enough to ask that cute guy out or nail it for your next interview for your dream job. Begin small, but make it consistent and a part of your routine! 

Invest in your passive income! Stop constantly trading your hours for a paycheck and begin receiving income whether you work or not. How? By building passive income streams from real estate income, to side hustles, to bond and stock income. There are so many options when it comes to building out income, and the more income streams you have coming in, the more secure you will feel financially! You’ll even feel financially free to take that risky job, join a startup company, BE the new hot start up, or retire in your 40s, 50s!