When You Take a Risk, Imposter Syndrome Will Show Up Because You Are About to Level Up!

When you take a risk, imposter syndrome will show up because you are about to level up. You are in new territory, and your mind, your ego tries to play tricks on you to keep you small. The ego within you is run off of your insecurities and fears. Now you can filter through what are ego driven thoughts versus leveling up thoughts/ the productive thoughts.  Now I know that whenever I feel like an imposter, it’s a good thing because I am challenging myself and taking a risk! 

I was recently on a show when they asked about the ripple effect in my life from taking a risk. We were having a conversation around women taking more risks with their careers and if this means they will take more risk with their money. I said no matter what it will because of the ripple effect. As they take more risk, they will have more money to invest, grow, and build wealth. 

How one decision to take a risk led to more opportunities, more finances. I explained how taking a HUGE risk and starting the Women’s Wealth Boutique led to opportunities with FIG Marketing, speaking at Harvard, partnerships with Assetmark. But then I paused and said you know what, I could trace all this back to my first book, my first blog, the first email I sent out for my very first event. I could trace the ripple effect all the way back to putting that first word on the page or on an email. That is where the ripple effect started. That was the real risk, and so many women wouldn’t take that even small risk. It doesn’t start with this huge business, or a huge event, it does start with that small risk to do something different, to be the change you so desperately want to see in the world. After that initial risk, it just feels like living, it is just being in your purpose instead of apologizing for it. So what is the risk you are about to take? What is next for you?

Learn from some of the leading female advisors from our Women’s Wealth Boutique. Story after story of how they took a risk and betted on themselves. I am one of them. I left my father’s financial firm to create all of this. I left my family, I walked away from all that I’ve ever known in my career to launch something so special and powerful in the industry. I was sick of complaining about the issues women face in the financial industry, sick of being angry at the traditional broker dealers. Instead I walked away from one day taking over a multi million dollar firm to starting this movement. 

The women you will see here have all walked away from their support system, their teams, or the only firm they’ve ever known to take a risk. But they also walked away from being unheard, underpaid, and undervalued. 

As more women step up and demand more, demand their own seat at the table, we will see huge shifts with women receiving more wealth, becoming more millionaires. I cannot wait for this day to come. Today is the day it starts!

As we enter into the 2nd half of the year, we have some amazing additions to the Women’s Wealth Boutique. We have welcomed 2 new advisors: Amanda Stilwell with her office in South Carolina and Lauren Wood whose office is in Indiana who will be speaking today, in the process of welcoming 2 more advisors in the coming weeks! We are building out 2 new divisions to our firm: divorce planning with our divorce source Donna cates, financial planning, business planning, retirement planning, protection planning, and now adding our property and casualty division so we can help ensure our client’s have full coverage especially on the liability side to properly protect their assets. Whenever you take a risk, you need to have protection in place! 

We will be adding our Estate Planning Division later this summer as well to help our clients build trusts, wills, power of attorneys, and living wills. You’ll notice a theme of legacy and protection with our speakers today, and now we can offer full estate planning inclusive of these important documents. None of this would have been possible without opening our doors at the Women’s Wealth Boutique as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, and partnering with some amazing firms!