When Work Takes over Your Life, it is Time to go Back to God.

When work takes over your life, it is time to go back to God. He is calling you Home!

Do you ever get into moments of your life when you can’t stop thinking about…fill in the blank! 

For me, it can be: potty training my son, my mother, the stock markets, the safety of my kids and husband, but most of the time it revolves around work. I put so much into my business, our business, and it can hurt so deeply when people don’t understand it, put it down, or throw their poison negativity on it. Work takes over my mind, it becomes all that I am so when something goes wrong, I feel it personally. I know what you are thinking, come on Jess, it’s not personal, it’s business. But when you put so much of your heart into your business, it can easily become personal. As I write this blog, my daughter who is home sick from school keeps coming over to tell me something new. Mommy, did you know the girl in the TV show broke her arm. Did you know Mommy I can do this? Did you know Mommy…ok I get the message God. Put your work down and just be!

All of last week I was getting messages from different people in my life that I need to surrender work to God and just allow the blessings to come. I don’t mean give up when I say surrender, what I’m referring to is this: stop trying to control every darn thing in your life and allow things to happen for you. Just be you, stop trying to be everyone else and receive. Just sit on that chair and receive. Yes, my daughter is still interrupting me as I type this up while she plays with slime. Ok God I get the picture!

So it didn’t surprise me that over the weekend, I went into my Bible App on my phone, which I highly recommend, and find a passage on surrendering. The message was about walking the balance between becoming your work and surrendering your work. When work takes over your life (or fill in any of your obsessions!), you have put it a priority above God. The clues include things like trying to solve a problem, forcing a sale, obsessing over who will sign up with you, overpouring your glass of wine. Ok, these might be my signs, you can create your list here:






When you feel yourself step over that line between prioritizing God and prioritizing your own obsession, it is time to bring it all back to God. You are obsessing over money, you are stressed over when your next sale or commission check will come in, you are worried over your current relationship, there are so many things in this world that can take over your life. When you feel like you are losing yourself and your connection to God, take a pause and come back to Him. Don’t let the obsession take over, let God handle it for you!

Here is a prayer to bring to your bedtime routine:

Lord, I surrender the following to You:




Create your own list of worrisome thoughts here.

I thank you, Lord, for aligning everything in the most beautiful way. Thank You for helping me to deepen my trust in You. 

Then when you wake up, you can repeat:
I am safe,

I am supported,

I am worthy,

I am enough,

I am loved.

Schedule some time with the Lord today, thank Him for blessing this day, and approach every moment with a childlike excitement to uncover all of His blessings today!