What’s the Next Step for Your Life?

Welcome to my #pinkfix world where it is my mission to be completely open, honest, and transparent with you about MONEY!

Money can be such a stressful, anxiety driven, and overwhelming topic, which is why I created my blog: Not Your Father’s Advisor in 2016. Now we are on our 4th year, and it’s been quite a journey! 

I want to tell you that I’m grateful for you. YOU are the reason I get up in the morning (besides my 2 year old daughter yelling MOMMY!). YOU are the reason I work so hard, push myself even harder, and strive for more. YOU bring my purpose into my life because honestly being a mom and a wife just isn’t enough for me. Yes, I love those roles, but I know I’m not that perfect mom! I am not a mom who loves thinking of craft projects, prepares perfectly done lunches (love you boxed mac and cheese!), and lovingly puts away all the toys. To the moms out there who thrive on this, you ARE amazing and here on this world for a reason, to help support us moms who just can’t handle all that!

I just got back from a trip with my hubby, imagine that, a trip just with him. On the flight back I was reading a new book, BOSS UP, and it got me thinking. I’ve been in quite a fog since the spring, and part of it is just being pregnant with my 2nd child, but the other part was with work. I’ve been so hard on myself, so impatient with myself, and all of this had me wondering what is next…

Since I was asking myself the tough questions, I’m going to ask you the same thing:

What is next for your life?

Are you trying to make a BIG shift in your life, get out of a tough relationship, leave a job you hate, or finally get healthy?

Are you struggling to find a way to just be in the moment, be happy, content, and grateful for your current situation?

OR are you climbing to that next level in your life, from survival to comfortable to success to significance?

All these changes are natural and needed for your life, when you aren’t changing and maturing, you are staying stuck. Stuck is a dangerous place to be because the next moment you feel TRAPPED. (Take the Money Baggage Quiz to see where you fall!) This is what I do, this is what I help women with…getting on a path of continuous growth and improvement with their life. We start with your money so that your growth doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, you are able to do it from a place of security. AND you do it with a partner, with me by your side. 

Oh and Happy New Year! May 2020 bring you health, happiness, and prosperity!

Your first step is a quick call to see talk about your next step, I’ll even share with you mine…

Let’s get talking at www.jessicaweaver.setmore.com! I’m tickled pink to hear your story!