What will your recovery be like?

What will your recovery be like?

I get it, life happened, shit hit the fan, and now what?

This is usually when women come to work with me. Whether as a client or as an advisor at the Women’s Wealth Boutique, our female focused financial firm. I love working with them before hitting rock bottom, but that doesn’t always work. I want to catch you before you fall, to prevent the fall, or to be there with you in the trenches. Yet, you have a stubborn streak and try to do it alone to “save money or to save time.” But does it really save you time and money? Or only make you bleed more money?

Whether it’s been the volatile markets taking a hit on your hard earned money, or a brutal divorce that has left you scared and in financial ruin. Maybe it’s been an unfair work environment that makes you trade who you are and who they want you to be. A toxic place that will make you second guess yourself, to stop trusting your intuition because you have to do it THEIR way and not YOUR way. Yes, this seems to be where I come into the picture. 

I write this after having a divorce strategy session with a young mom, who traded her career to be a full time parent. After 90 minutes of learning the financial mismanagement of her soon to be ex, and how to prevent this toxicity from entering her new life. After I write this, I’m jumping on a call with another woman financial advisor who has been told by every male in her world that she won’t succeed at being an advisor. Yes you read that right, she will NOT succeed. Imagine being told this, how much pressure you would feel. The disappointment in the world, the frustration in yourself. All of these situations will leave you with scar tissue if you let them. From losing money in the stock market, to losing your sanity in a marriage, to losing belief in yourself from a peer. It all breaks my heart, it’s why I show up every single day for work. It’s why I drop my kids off at daycare for 9 hours a day. It’s why I show up for YOU here every week on our blog: Not Your Father’s Advisor. 

The setback isn’t what I focus on, it is your recovery that we work on. It is being solution focused versus letting you sit in the past, allowing those scars to prevent and disable your next move. The scars, the beliefs about yourself these horrible moments will instill on you will limit your next move. It might even paralyze you for weeks, months, or years. You might be reading this knowing you have wanted to reach out over these weeks, months, and years. 

What can you do today to change your trajectory, change your recovery? Here are 5 steps to change your recovery to a profitable one! 

  1. You can change your mindset, a simple meditation can change what you are projecting into the world. Have a negative thought about being an imposter, of not believing in your worth? Listen to our wealthy woman’s meditation. Stop the flow of your negative thoughts just by refocusing! 
  2. You can transform your beliefs by adopting new beliefs, adopt new money mantras. You can do a cord release meditation, see link, and release all the limiting beliefs and fears being projected onto you from others in your world. 
  3. Know you are worthy to invest in. Trust that you are worthy to invest in! You will always be the best return on investment and the only person capping you is YOU. So take back that power and see how the world will show up differently for you. 
  4. Focus on what you can do! Lost money in the markets, let’s rework your investments to take the most advantage when the markets come back. Let’s take advantage of losses for taxes. Let’s rework your expenses to have less of a strain on your money. Let’s take action on what we can control!
  5. Find a community of new peers who are doing what you want to do or have already done it! Surround yourself with people who have a wealthy and healthy mindset, and whose behaviors back up that mindset. It’s why we’ve always focused on community building at the Women’s Wealth Boutique. Your wealth is a reflection of who you surround yourself with. 

In the end, change is profitable if you allow it to be. It’s always been up to you mama, it’s always been your decision. It is God’s desire, but He needs you, the world needs you. Will you show up for us? I know I will!