What kind of little girl were you?

What kind of little girl were you growing up?

There are so many types of little girls, the shy ones, the outspoken ones, the stubborn ones, the rule-breakers, the sweet ones, the imaginative ones. 

Recently, my assistant and I were putting together a social media campaign about speaking to your little girl, the girl you once were. It reminded me of a chapter in my first best selling book: Strong Woman Stronger Assets. In the chapter we go through 2 exercises:

  1. As you look at a picture of this little girl, imagine you are having a conversation with her. What would you tell her? What would she ask you? Maybe: are you happy? How many of our dreams have you chased? How many have you given up on?In the book, I mention that if I were to do this exercise in the beginning of my career, it would have been very difficult. I was not happy in the finance industry until I made some major changes to the way I work and live. The standard financial advice didn’t work well for the women I help. And they deserve so much more than the standard, wouldn’t you say! You deserve so much more than the standard! But now doing this exercise, I feel empowered and so blessed. I feel grateful to find a path to my passion of helping women in such a holistic way. Now it is your turn, what would your little girl ask you? What would be your response? Are you happy with your response or is there some work to do?
  2. Look forward to the woman you are trying to become. All the women in our community are striving to become their best selves (note I did NOT say their perfect selves). Working together, with every step is a step towards that woman. We may veer off occasionally, but with support and guidance, we are quickly brought back to the path to their best self. 

So who was I as a little girl?

I was painfully shy, so quiet! I always felt so insecure around anyone, and was jealous of the girls who were able to make quick friends. My mom said I would cling to her at birthday parties begging her not to leave me. I never picked my head up to talk to adults, always whispering my answer. In class, I never raised my hand, too scared to look stupid. It’s hard to even imagine myself back then, or even a few years ago. It took a lot of work to fully come out of my shell, and I never would have done it without my community of support. 

This is why our #pinkfix community means so much to me! We help women of all ages bloom with their money, to live life on their own terms, work on their own terms, and retire on their own terms. Let’s blossom together because once you figure out the money side, everything else falls into place!

Our #pinkfix community is changing things up next year… and we are thrilled to be launching our new all incumbasing community! We are combining our Money Empire Program, our Strong Retirement Club, and our Wine and Wealth Wednesday’s! We are taking the best of the best from each group and series to bring to you so much more! There will be a Mama’s Making Bank level for women business owners to become partners in our community as well as levels to help women bring their money, both personal and professional, to the next level. 

So if you are a woman professional looking to network, build your following, and help more women, you are welcome to join as a Mama’s Making Bank! 

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