What is familiar to you is also what keeps you stuck!

I just was named Top 10 Women Disruptors for 2022, and I can’t help but think back to where it all started. I swear if I knew how many tears, sleepless nights, and trauma that it would take to be where I am right now, I would say no thank you God. I’m good! I’m very comfortable and cushy working at my father’s firm. 

I was secure, familiar, and safe. Why change?

Cuz I knew deep down that I had outgrown my role and was ready SOOO ready to create something!

I spent the year putting together a business plan to build an all women platform for women advisors. As I was preparing, more and more women advisors and clients came to me. I couldn’t believe it, pure gifts from God letting me know that I am in the right place.

You will know you are in the right place when doors and opportunities are opening for you!

Here’s what I did to step into the unknown after living in the familiar for a decade!

I realized I was living in shame, at the time I thought it was guilt, but it was shame. Ladies, YOU cannot shine your light when you are covered with shame! So I released the shame by uncovering the root of it…the shame I didn’t act sooner! You become a people pleaser when you stay put, and when you are a people pleaser like myself, you become an expert at manipulating. I know this is hard to read, but think about it. If you are constantly trying to please everyone, you are always trying to make them happy. So you manipulate them until they are happy, not intentionally, but subconsciously!

Stop pleasing everyone, stop manipulating, and release the shame!

Next, I uncovered my internal money blocks. What amount of money scares you? What amount of money do you not even let yourself think about cuz it just isn’t possible, right? Well why the heck not? Any amount of money is possible for you. So I started a new belief, I am worthy of millions, I deserve to have millions, it is SAFE to have millions. 

What is your new money mantra?

Lastly, I trusted! In the times when I couldn’t even pay myself, I had to prioritize paying my team. In the times, I wanted to quit and get a regular job, in the times, I feared I would fail everyone, I trusted God. I stepped into trust, knowing there is a MUCH bigger plan at play for me than today’s money issue. Looking back, God has always taken care of me, so I know He always will.

Trust is the biggest piece we teach our advisors and clients at the Women’s Wealth Boutique because without it, no amount of money will feel safe and enough. How do you trust? How do you build your trust muscle?

When you are ready to risk it all, you know you have stepped into trust. So are you ready, lady? Are you ready to risk it all to create something magical, something special, something like us that disrupts an industry?

Jess was named a Top 10 Women Disruptor Of 2022 {Read it Here}