What happens in the middle?

Being in the middle can be the most nerve wrecking, anxious time in our lives. The middle is the moment when you have made the choice to move forward with your decisions. You’ve taken the steps, and now you are waiting for all your needs and desires to be met. The middle is the most critical place to be in, it is where all the magic happens! It is where all the wrong doors are closing and the right doors are opening!

I remember reading one day how God gives us patience while He closes doors that no longer suit us and He needs time to open the new, bigger, and better doors. The ease and comfort this statement has brought to me over the years is significant! 

You are on the verge of divorce, you have decided to move forward with it, now what? You are in the middle and just want all the attorney meetings, all the paperwork, all the negotiating, and all the fighting over with. Yet the middle is when your whole new life is being built. If you rush through the middle, you will miss out on the key ingredients needed to bring you to the next level of life. 

You have credit card debt accumulated, you have made a decision no more debt! Now what? Again, you are in the middle. You want so badly for all the debt to be gone. You can’t rush past the journey, you can’t fast forward to learning how to trust money again. You can’t wish it all away only to find it back again months later. 

You are near your retirement, counting your last days like a child counts to Christmas! You cannot wait for your new life, can’t the days just go faster? Yes, you are in the middle. Old doors are being shut, while new opportunities are coming into place in the most divine way. Don’t rush past the journey, the journey is where all your desires come into place. 

I’m in the middle with my business. Some doors are being closed. I’m learning how to say no to things that don’t suit me and to people who don’t suit me. I’m anxiously waiting for the right doors to open. Can’t all my desires just happen right now? Well then that isn’t faith is it? There is no faith or trust in asking for something for it to automatically pop up into our realities. Faith in the process, faith in the systems. It is why I create money systems for my clients, the systems give them the action they need while they wait in the middle. The systems build their trust in themselves, they now know they won’t blow it when their opportunities come. They see results which only propels their trust and confidence in the process. Their energy builds to where it needs to be to fully receive all their needs and desires. Their energy usually lacks in the beginning, they don’t trust money so money doesn’t trust them. Money comes into their world and it quickly leaves. I end up bringing the energy and trust that is needed for my clients. It then washes over them as their money becomes a fun game, not something to stress over yet something to celebrate! As their energy builds, I can see them reaching the end of the middle. I can see their desires coming faster and faster to them. Then they hit their overflow of surplus, more money than they know what to do with. They are buying vacation homes, their dream cars, retiring in their 50s, saying no to things that no longer work for them. 

The quicker they can reach their trust and energy, the sooner it happens for them. They don’t even know it but they’ve been playing the money game their whole lives. You have been playing the money game your whole life. I’ve been playing it my whole life and had no idea!

Now that I am conscious of the money game, I’ve become more strategic with it. I have increased my income over 50% each month this year. I’ve surprised my husband with his dream car for his birthday. I’ve paid off so much debt, lowered my expenses, and saved more money in 3 months than I saved all of last year. Imagine what you could do if you played the money game with more strategy than just hoping it all works out…