What are the gaps in your money plan?

What are the gaps in your Money Plan?

I had a strategy session with a very ambitious, high achieving woman, who owned her own business. Let’s call her Lindsay, and as we dove into our session together, Lindsay told me about her 3 daughters and her husband. Immediately I could tell they meant the world to her, and everything she did with her work was for her family. I took to Lindsay very quickly because I could relate, what about you?

Lindsay was out of sorts on the call, while she wanted to grow her business, she also didn’t want time away from her family. She didn’t know how to balance both of her objectives: more income, more family time. It is a hard one to put together! Because of her constant flip flopping between her goals, she also struggled with how much to spend and save. If they spent more, that meant more time at work, but they also wanted to enjoy their money with their children. Have you ever been in Lindsay’s shoes? 

The first revelation came when I said with money you can buy…TIME or STUFF. 

Lindsay jumped up yelling time! Time is what she wants. More time with her family, but also more time working with her clients and less time doing the maintenance of her business. Now that we are clear on her priorities, we can begin building her plan. We started by identifying the gaps between where she is now and where she wants to be.

The first gap was not knowing how much to spend and save. If you don’t know your numbers like Lindsay and her family, you will always be battling with what is enough? What is enough to spend, what is enough to earn, and what is enough to save? The first step to building your spending and savings plan is to identify what you are currently earning, spending, and saving. After that we build your savings buckets with my Stable Money Saver and align them with your goals. When you know you are saving enough, you can securely and confidently begin spending your money on what you value!

The second gap was how can she earn more while working less? How can she give more value by working less hours? We collaborated on a few ideas such as hiring someone to run the management of the business so she can be out finding new prospects, partnering with other business professionals, repurposing content, and focusing on the main money maker in her business. The great news is there are always opportunities out there to leverage your time and your content to earn more while working less! 

The third gap was her belief that if she earns more than her husband, what will he think? Will he work less, will he resent her, or maybe just maybe he will be inspired by her. Her belief was that if she earns more, he won’t like it and resent her and her work. Not a good place to be in! My response shifted everything. I asked her what she would say to her daughters if they came to her saying: my husband doesn’t want me to earn more money…she now knows she cannot work with a limiting belief like that. Lindsay will be a role model for her daughters by standing up for her worth, for her work, and striving for more. Otherwise, what will she be teaching them? That it is ok to settle.

You may have noticed a theme here:

From Gap 1: You need to know what enough is! What is enough to live off of, to earn, and to save.

From Gap 2: You need a business plan on how to grow your money, earn more while NOT being a slave to your paycheck or to your desk! Becoming efficient with your time, focus, and money!

From Gap 3: What is your limiting belief holding you back from moving forward in life? Are you scared of what people will think? Are you scared you will fail? Are you paralyzed because you just don’t know where to start?

Once you work these through, you will be well on your way to achieving your dreams. BUT it takes 3 key factors:

  1. Coach!
  2. Community of support!
  3. Commitment and accountability!

Which one are you missing with your Money Plan? ___________________________________

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