To acquire wisdom is to love yourself

“To acquire wisdom is to love yourself.” Proverbs 19:8

Your natural state is to love yourself, yet somewhere along the way, the world made you jaded!

Now when you look in the mirror, all you see are your flaws. Most mornings, I avoid the mirror as much as possible. Even during my makeup routine, I zone out so I can’t see all the flaws.

Then I get to work and I see all the things I have to do, all my mistakes, and why the heck hasn’t that client emailed me back yet. She must be mad at me. I immediately go to the worst case scenario, not even thinking she must be busy living a great life! 

I feel like a failure before I even get on my computer and filter through emails. Not a great way to start my day, huh?

Then I became aware how all these thoughts are blocking me from seeing the world around me. Change your focus, change your world! 

Under all this garbage, let’s call it what it is ladies, huh! Under all the garbage, it’s hard to breath, it’s stinks, and it definitely sucks the life out of you. You can’t see your next step under the pile of stinky junk you just threw at yourself. 

Then I said a little prayer: Lord, may I fully love, forgive, and accept myself. 

And I began to feel mercy from myself, I saw someone who is trying, I saw me. 

I began a new practice, I call it my Money Practice, but it really is my spiritual time before I start work. I meditate, I journal, I practice gratitude, and I pray. What began as 5 minutes became an hour, an hour everyday to fall into acceptance of myself. Once I could accept myself, I began to celebrate myself. And this is when the money began to flow in! 

I look back to see a business that has grown 200% in 9 months. I see a growing platform that I created that wasn’t even on my radar a year ago. I see the change in our women advisors as they take back their power and grow in prosperity (this means money coming in y’all!)!

But the grounding piece in all this work has been our Money Practice! When the advisors are stuck, they tap back into it. When they are thriving, they tap back into it cuz there is always another level of growth! 

This Money Practice is my course called LIFT. It is 10 weeks of meditations, journal work, and prayers to take back your power and unleash your prosperity. (Yes more money ladies, more money!) I joke because yes we are all after more money, but it really isn’t about the money, it’s about our relationship with God. It’s about our relationship with ourselves. All this leads to more money, but that is the really cool side effect!