Do You Struggle With Your Wealth?

There are 3 main areas women struggle with when it comes to their wealth that we have identified at the Women’s Wealth Boutique: 

-Inner conflict, their internal world is telling them a different story than their actual goals.

-Trust, it takes time for women to build up trust when it comes to their money, their behaviors around money, and investments. 

-Money leaks: women are operating under too complicated systems with their money. Let’s uncomplicate things and build simple systems that can grow with you and your money. 

Dealing with your money can be a very lonely process, scary, and overwhelming. You don’t know who you can trust with the inner workings of your money, your deep rooted fears, and your perceived failures. You lie in bed at night and all the failures come at your at once, all your fears haunt you during the midnight hours, and you find yourself restless. You start to hope, pray for a miracle to save you out of this nightmare of fears plaguing you every night as your head hits the pillow. Then the next day you get another unexpected bill for thousands of dollars, and you think why am I being punched while I’m already down? How much farther down can my rock bottom go? You begin to question everything, you have no trust left in you to figure it out, and God seems nowhere to be found.

I would be lying to you if this has never happened to me, but these fears around money happen to everyone. Whether you have millions of dollars or are overdrawn again in your bank account. I’m saying this to you so you know you aren’t alone, just this past weekend I was there with you in the rock bottom pit. I’m going to be vulnerable with you that starting a new business from scratch has been more expensive than we forecasted. We learned how much slower it is to get things moving than we anticipated. Yet, we are still standing, growing, and during time thriving. But it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies like in my daughter’s youtube shows she watches. There are times when I question everything, when I think how much easier it would be to get a normal desk job, and ask why did God task me with something so huge? 

I realized how much these questions and habits and behaviors can keep you stuck in victim mode, thinking everything is coming at you, attacking you, and hurting you. It can be so darn hard to see what all these things are amounting to. If you are feeling these things, you are about to expand beyond your problems. They will be a thing in the past, and God is asking you to place your trust in Him. This can be extremely scary when you still can’t see how God can make it right, how God can replace all the money you lost or wasted, but He can. That is faith my dear, that is how faith is built. Faith in a miracle that you can’t see yet. 

The first step is to identify that yes you are in an inner struggle, an inner conflict with yourself. You want to pay off all your debt, you want to retire, you want to invest your money for growth, but everything in your life right now is showing you the opposite. How bad your current circumstances are not where you want to be despite all your hard work. Process this right now, identify 5 emotions you feel when you look at your current situation. Feel them, hold them close to your heart, and then release them. Know your current situation does not define you or your success. Process these emotions so you can move past them and not let them keep you stuck in victim mode. Victim mode is a fine place to visit but you don’t want to live there year round. It’s time to pick yourself up lady, dust off your dress, and grab your heels!

Get all dolled up because the next stop is looking at yourself in the mirror and liking what you see. Loving what you see! God is there with you, He loves you as you are now, no matter what. No matter how much debt, or how unhappy you are. In fact, He loves you more today than yesterday, and His work turns perfect in our weakness. This is a season of building trust in yourself, in God, and in your passion. You were put in this situation for a reason, it might be to help someone in the future get out of it, or you’ll create such a powerful system to get out of this predicament that you can profit from it in the future. Let’s stop asking God why me, and ask Him, what is next? What do I need to learn in this situation I am in? Show me where I need to lead and to build trust?

Now for the practical side of money, the more systems you have in place, the quicker you will build trust! I recently met with a couple who each own a business, the revenue is very volatile with high peaks and periods of low income. Then they had their household finances. They have 3 different cash flows to manage, plus 2 side hustles of rental properties, and they were overspending every month. Why? Because their finances got way too complicated to monitor on a regular basis, they has no systems set up, and no idea where to begin. The wife had such anxiety over their savings, probably because she saw it dwindling versus being built up. How long could they last like this? Only a few more months until their savings was gone. Yet, they just kept saying: we’ll just earn more money. But that is a lot of pressure to put on yourself when you are already in an anxious state of mind with your money. 

It’s not about always earning more money to take care of your money problems. If you can’t handle your current cash flow than you can’t handle a higher cash flow. It’s a systems problem, so follow these steps:

  1. Clarity! Begin to track your cash flow to see where the leaks are coming from. 
  2. Identify your goals. 
  3. Align your goals with different accounts you can save and invest in.
  4. Accountability! Set a goal, stick with a goal, become accountable to the goal. There are too many distractions in this world, stay focused on what you need to get done and ignore the outside world. 

These steps are simple but they are not easy to execute, at least not alone. It takes a team, experts who do this on a regular basis. You can begin to build your team with one of our trusted financial advisors at the Women’s Wealth Boutique. Our team will work one on one with you to implement these systems in a way that is sustainable to you, that you begin to see results, and feel at peace with your financial decisions.