The True Value of Your Business

Do you own a business? As you know, I own a few at this point! We have our Women’s Wealth Boutique, #pinkfix Productions, which is our media and marketing firm, and now Women’s Wealth Protection, our sister company for insurance. A lot of the time we let the outside world tell us what the value of our business is. You have this amount of sales so you are worth this amount. As a financial advisor, if you are independent, you own your book of business. If you work for a wirehouse firm such as Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise, they own your book, so you are building the firm’s asset not your own. I’ve always been on the independent side, and I am eternally grateful for my father to start my career at an independent firm. I’ve seen firsthand the fear female advisors have at the wirehouse firms, they almost seem like a battered wife when they finally are ready to leave, yet something frightens them and they stay. The few who we do get out and move to become an independent advisor with us at the Women’s Wealth Boutique need some time to rewire their mindset and behaviors. 

They are no longer employees but bosses and leaders. They no longer have to stay small to make their big daddy firms happy, they can market themselves however they want to. So much freedom so quickly can become overwhelming and overstimulating. I remember Caroline, who left a very large wirehouse firm explain that she felt as if she was opening a new door, and the new door just so happened to be a huge, exciting, and gorgeous mansion! But opening such a door can lead to distractions, lack of focus, and feeling pulled in so many directions. You don’t quite know where to play in the sandbox as I like to say! Constantly chasing the shiny object! One advisor recently shared with me that she feels like she isn’t being a good leader. It broke my heart, because this is a new role for her and it takes time stepping into the leadership role. You begin to let the outside world dictate your value, and even give you a report card. But the external people don’t know what is going on behind closed doors. It’s so hard when you are constantly on social media or talking with other successful people to stay positive. 

Then this negativity you feel about yourself and your business begins to eat away at the value of your firm or work. You feel like you are always letting a ball drop, scared even when you get good news because it won’t last, will it? This makes your business operate at a low frequency, unable to attract the right people to work with you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is an opportunity because I’m guessing if you are reading this you know your business is not at it’s peak vibration. Now is your time to take a pause and reflect on your business, it’s value, and how it transforms lives. What is the value YOU want to put on your business, not the outside world?

Write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper that you keep by your computer, recite them everyday. They become your mission statement, your value statement! Answer each questions as if they are your goals, but we are turning them into present tense.

What is your ideal value of your business?

Who do you dream of working with? 

What do you love most about your work?

How much money do you desire to make net every month?

What is the amount of time you want to put into your business every week?

Now let’s turn them into some mantras in the present tense:

I am so grateful my business is worth millions of dollars.

I am so grateful that I get to work with…

I love showing up everyday in my business to do…

I am eternally grateful to make… every month!

I love spending 10 hours working every week and serving my clients at my best!

I am worthy of everything that comes my way, I am attracting more money than ever before, I am operating at my highest frequency to attract other high frequency people and opportunities. 

I hope this shift helps you to fall in love with your business again. There are seasons we go through with our work, seasons of cleaning up the past, embracing the growth as we stretch beyond anything we’ve ever done before, seasons of harvest. Which season are you in? Become grateful for it because there is always a harvest every year, seeds are planted, nurtured, the root is taken out, and then the harvest comes. I am in the season of cleaning up from all the changes of the last few years, embracing as the right people find us and the wrong people leave us. I know this is necessary for the season of harvest, it gives us time to build a strong infrastructure. It allows us to get clear on our systems and work flows. I have a strong team behind me, stronger than ever before, and I am so grateful for them. I am vibrating at a higher frequency than ever before. I feel the money coming in, I am grateful for it, and I love creating money systems to support the new money as it comes our way. This builds trust, faith, and belief in me, in God, and to feel confident in receiving. Now that is a blog for another time! 

Curious on how to get involved in our world? I’m doing something I don’t usually put on these pages. God is compelling me to reach out to you, and give you a gift! Here is the link to a 30 minute call that I usually reserve for my community ladies. I hope you take advantage of it!