The Simple Life

My husband and I got away for a few days by ourselves! Shockingly parents can do that and everything will be ok, who knew! We stayed in a condo, and at the end of the trip, I asked my husband: “Do you think we could live in a house this size all the time?” He said sure, we’d just have to get rid of a lot of stuff. Toys would be everywhere, we’d eat, live, and watch TV all within the one large open room. It got me thinking…I want a simple life. I’m tired of the stuff, I’m tired of spending money, I’m tired of how much money controls our lives. 

Can you relate?

I came home realizing a simple life is what I’m after. Not a boring life, or unexciting life, but just not complicated. But what makes a simple life?

Do you have to have simple goals, very little expenses, a simple plan, a simple business?

In my opinion (take it or leave it!), simple means life without distractions, without saying yes to all the things you hate to do, without expectations. Simple is being able to afford spending $10,000 a month yet only spending $6,000. Simple is working because you want to, NOT because you need the money or are expected to work. Simple is having such clear goals, you are no longer distracted by the shiny things in life!

Simple is FREEDOM. Freedom to save while spending when you want to. Freedom to work with who you want to and when you want to. Freedom to open a business because you are secure with your money.

Do you want a simple life? Do you want freedom?

When you think of a Money Empire, the last thing you might think of is simple. But that is exactly what we are building towards. In my Money Empire program, we work towards building your wealth to the point where you no longer have to work for the paycheck. You work for the happiness and fulfillment it brings you, simple and freeing huh?! We create SIMPLE money systems so your money is so streamlined that it brings you peace. We build you ways to earn income without it taking up your time and energy. The goal of a Money Empire is to grow your money while giving you more time, energy, and sanity for the things you LOVE doing in life. Simple, Freeing, that is what REAL wealth can do for you! 

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