The Real Reason You are in Debt and 2 Quick Ways to Fix Your Money Flow!

So here’s the thing about debt…

Debt itself is not good or bad, it just is. Yet so many women come to me feeling so bad about their debt, about themselves, and wanting so desperately to get rid of the debt. Maybe you’re here now because of your debt or lack of savings or living paycheck to paycheck. Now I’ve seen what a number debt does to your self-worth, you don’t feel worthy, you don’t feel credible, you definitely don’t feel wealthy or deserving of wealth. 

Then you begin to live in fear, you don’t trust yourself anymore. You’re so scared because you let the debt get so bad, you opened the door to debt, and it keeps mounting. The debt isn’t the issue, there is a very different issue with your money flow. You have a block in your money flow, which is resulting in the debt piling up. 

Now I usually get the excuse, I’ve cut everything out of my expenses, I live paycheck to paycheck, so there just isn’t anything you can do to help me. Right? NOPE, sorry you are wrong. This is when I get most excited! Whenever there is a block with your money, there is an opportunity. BUT the first step is to shift your perspective on debt to neutral, it isn’t bad or good, it just is.

I ask you, can you feel good about yourself right now no matter what your credit card balance shows, no matter what your income is, and no matter how much is in your bank account?

If you are nodding yes, then we can proceed. If you still feel like you are a scam, that you aren’t deserving of love or of more money, I invite you to journal through these. Write down everything that scares you about the debt, about money, and about wealth. There are some limiting beliefs hidden deep inside of you, and those are your blocks you will need to deal with first. Think of money like blood flowing through your body, what happens when you are a block in your vein? Or a flowing river that comes to a halt when it reaches a dam? It blocks the flow, and nothing will work until that barrier is identified and removed.

I want you to know how worthy of love and money you are. God loves you just as you are, He doesn’t care about the mistakes we make, the rules we’ve broken, or the anger we have. He just loves us, if only we can love ourselves the same. Tell yourself that you are amazing just as you are, you are loved more than you know, and you are worthy of becoming a wealthy woman. Know it, feel it, and now live it!

Once you feel good about yourself, we can move onto step 2! It all becomes about the intention behind the debt. What is the purpose of this debt, what is the plan for the debt, and to pay it off?

I use debt with my business to grow it ahead of when the income will grow. I put in systems so I can keep growing without taking time away from my family, my clients, and most importantly my relationship with God. So debt in my world is a lifeline from God to stay on the path of greatness, while being able to focus on Him. The truth is I know the money will come back to me because it always does. Not only do I manifest it to come back to me in abundance, meaning I always receive more than I spend, about 100 folds more!, but I take intentional steps forward. I keep my focus on love, on God, and on YOU to help you, reach more of YOU, and welcome YOU into our community. The last time I used debt was to work with an incredible Life coach, and we were able to rework our community so I can bring more women on board without it taking time from my current clients, my family, and God. Before, I would always self-sabotage myself! I’d begin to bring in more women into our community, but then I’d get scared of having no time for my tripod: God, family, clients. I was constantly sending mixed signals to God, the universe, and I would stall out. 

NOW because of the debt, we are onboarding more women than ever, empowering more women on our team and our new clients, and reaching the lives of so many women. More than I ever thought possible. So yes the debt was used with such great intentions, and now we can invite you into our home. 

We can now offer you three fabulous, empowering, and educational options to work with us to grow your career/business, build prosperity and surplus into your money, and form deep networks with women. The biggest component of our LIFT community, is to surround yourself with women having these conversations. Being around women who are challenging you, while also celebrating exactly who you are. 

  1. We show you how to build your money plan and live in it everyday!
  2. We do it with you, partner with us to build your money plan together!
  3. We do it all for you, too busy to get it done? We will do all the back work for you, so all you have to do is show up, learn, and stand in your wealth! 

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