The Momentum of Change

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m home alone waiting to pick up my daughter from school. I have dinner all set, homemade sauce, meatballs, and pasta…YUM! Then it hits me like a ton of bricks…contractions! Yes, I’m nine months pregnant and the contractions are ripping into me every 2 minutes. A few hours later, and our baby boy was born! Our New Year’s Eve baby couldn’t wait until 2020 to be here, he obviously wanted to party. Our pasta dinner will have to wait! 

Fast forward a few days, and we are home with our new boy and introducing him to our Andie Girl. What an adjustment, what a huge change we all were being hit with. After a lot of feedings every few hours during the nights and late nights, and you wonder how you make it through. I now know after 2 babies…adrenaline! I know it’s adrenaline because by week 2 the exhaustion becomes your new normal. I felt like a zombie walking around my house!

I realized that this doesn’t just happen with new babies, but with any change! Right now is a scary time with lots of changes happening around us. Changes can be exciting and they can be scary. Are you scared right now? Nervous about your money, the markets, the economy, or getting your job done while watching your kids?

We have a choice, we can let this overtake our lives or we can find the positive. Let’s focus on what we can control and release what we can’t control! 

You can always control your attitude and your behaviors. But this is what I’ve experienced…

You get so excited, anxious, maybe even scared at first that your adrenaline gets you through the beginning. You can’t wait to see your new life, whether it is losing weight, getting a new job, or getting in control over your money. With any change comes new routines, new systems to learn, and new behaviors. While it is all exciting at first, you quickly become exhausted learning a new way to live, eat, or spend! You want to see results right away as you stare at yourself in the mirror, wishing the pounds away! Or staring at your bank account wishing more money into it! 

This is called the breaking point. Do you go on or do you quit? It’s why so many New Year’s Resolutions are given up on! After the January high, your momentum hits the breaking point. 

Support is the main reason I have built a network of female experts. I know how important it is to support YOU and your goals. I also know that money affects every aspect of our lives, so when we build a money plan, it just doesn’t focus on your money. We focus on your health, on your lifestyle, on your social life, on your legacy, and on your purpose in life. The experts I bring to you can help YOU in all those areas and so much more. We aren’t building just a relationship with you, we are building a community to give you the education, systems, behaviors, and strategies to live your best life in 2020!

In 2020, my mission for the women I work with is to personalize their support. Everyone’s view of support is different, and it is key to learn what type of support YOU need. It’s kind of like the language of love, we all speak a different love language. I encourage you to find out how you need to be supported and find the right professionals to give it to you. I will be doing the same personally, and giving my community the type of support, encouragement, and push they need to reach their MONEY GOALS! Because when we hit our money goals, our lives change! 

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