The moment you surrender is the moment it all comes together.

So the other day I had a call with a woman going through a divorce. 

She just started in the real estate business at age 49, and had to start from scratch with her retirement savings. Alison seemed to have it all together, she was told by a financial advisor she needs $1.3 million saved up for retirement in 15 years. She came to the call confident about her income and what her goal was: $1.3 million in savings. 

Great, right?

All of a sudden, she exclaimed how exhausted she is from hustling, trying to save every penny, and hitting burnout. She started catching colds, stopped working out, gaining weight, and it all just stressed her out more. She felt uncomfortable in her clothes, she felt uncomfortable showing up to sell houses, and she felt uncomfortable in her ability to save $1.3 million without any tools or support.

Was she really confident or was she so scared she put up a front?

I was in Alison’s shoes last year, and then I surrendered. I didn’t give up, I surrendered myself and asked for help. To find an easier way to work so I can give more to my clients while giving to myself and my family. From this moment on, my income has doubled every month. 

Alison jumped at the ability to work with us once I said this: You can earn more while working less. AND You can save more and spend more. Once you surrender, it all comes together. Alison surrendered gratefully! 

It’s having a personal money plan, a business money plan, and a retirement money plan all working together. 

In 2020, I had my second baby and a few weeks later the pandemic hit! I was so eager to not let a baby or a pandemic stall the growth of our business, our movement that I ran a series of marathons all year long. I hit burnout every night, every week, and every month. My husband would look at me every night asking why are you doing this to yourself? Bless his soul, but he would say I look like a truck hit me, like death most nights. And that is exactly how I felt. I did have my best year in 2020, but at what cost?

I knew it had to be different for 2021, and I desperately looked everywhere and to everyone for the solution. Yet, I was still missing it! I realized it is the surrender I needed to allow myself to do. I had to surrender to God, release it all to the Lord, to receive the most divine to happen. Just like Alison surrendered herself for help, I did the same with my business. You see, I care so much, so darn much that I’m so attached to every aspect of my business because I know the more women I can talk with, the more I can help. But leading with my heart kept leading to more and more burnout to the point where I was no longer really showing up for my clients, for my family, for me, and for God. I was there, but was I really? Deep down I was exhausted and also so tightly wound up. 

So I took a step back and brought God into my work. I surrendered to God so that the most divine, beautiful plan could unfold. And here we are, months later, as my income doubles every month, I receive money miracles everyday, and get to help other women do the same. 

With money, there is the practical side, there are the behaviors and habits we have with money, the external factors like investments, inflation, taxes, insurance, and at the root is the heart and mind of your money. 

The finance industry focuses on the external factors, yet it is the internal factors that direct everything. If your heart and mind isn’t in alignment, your investments will never work. Take a look inside and surrender yourself to find your heart and soul. It’s why my NEW best selling book: Confessions of a Money Queen is so important to me. I’ll show you the 10 money moves to align your heart, mind, and soul with money, get to the root of it, and allow God’s grace into your own finances. You can grab your copy here