The Many Emotions of Money

Five women cried in my office this week, myself included! Why? 

Because money is emotional, money is fear based, money is painful, yet money is also exciting and loving! 

In today’s society, we are in action mode. We numb ourselves with our lists. We distract ourselves by being in constant go mode. But as my coach, Brittany says, how on earth will we achieve our dreams with our to do list weighing us down? By always doing and not being, we aren’t able to FEEL. Then we hit a moment like this week when time stops, we are forced to deal with a setback, and the emotions we’ve been holding onto all along come rushing to the surface! 

We knew they had been there all along, just tried to push through and maybe they’d leave us alone…right? 

As you can tell from the women in tears in my pinkfix office, this is not the case. The emotions never leave us, they always catch up to us! We ran out of tissues, so I started using paper towels to help dry the floodgates the week brought. But we need to feel in order to fully heal our money wounds. We can’t receive wealth unless we heal because in the end, wealth also entails our health. If we emotionally and physically aren’t healed, how can we heal our wealth? By allowing yourself a good cry, you let yourself forgive, accept, and love you. You heal. Healing is always the missing ingredient to wealth. 

I’m so grateful to offer women a safe place to be vulnerable and cry. To give them a safe bubble among all the heaviness of this world so they can heal. And the best part is seeing their breakthroughs after they heal. 

What do you need to heal today? Do you need to forgive yourself? Forgive money? What is one thing you can do today to fully love, forgive, and accept yourself? 

In my new course: LIFT, a 10 week money miracle journey, you give yourself the time, tools, and permission to heal your money wounds and open yourself to wealth beyond your wildest dreams. You will never feel worthy until you fully forgive yourself. 

You might be experiencing the symptoms of your money wounds. Symptoms like… 



low self worth, 

little or no growth with your money and investments, 



feeling boxed in or worse, shrinking, lack of discipline, or 


anger, resentment, bitterness 

stress, anxiety, lack of sleep

Yes these are all symptoms of the real money scars you haven’t healed from yet. Go on the 10 week money miracles journey to heal, love, and forgive yourself to receive the wealth you’ve been calling in! In fact, you’ve been trying so hard, you’re exhausted from trying to manifest it, or you’re so overworked trying to make it work. 

It will NOT work until you heal.