The first step to building your Money Empire

Guess what?

I had a defining moment in my life. What we call a #pinkfix moment in my life, and I just had to share it with you! 

As you know from our journey together, 2 books, hundreds of blog postings, videos, and social media messages, that I’ve been hard at work trying to juggle being a mom, a wife, a business owner, and creating a HUGE movement for women and money! I’ll be kind to myself and say burn out has been the theme of my life. Can you relate?

Because of the “burn out” to put it lightly, I’ve been on a mission to cure it! I dedicate time in the morning just for myself, I’ve read numerous books, prayed a lot, spoke with women who have been where I am now, and came to this #pinkfix: in order to not let stress be a constant presence in my life, in order to enjoy my day instead of haphazardly just trying to get through each day, the only way to live is to be present in my life. 

I know, this is a HOT topic, everyone says to be present, but what the heck do I mean. I’ve heard and read a lot about being present, but it didn’t fully resonate with me until one night. Yes, you can be present by noticing your breath, by doing daily checks to see how you feel, or by appreciating the things around you. BUT for me, these weren’t quite enough. What I learned is this: to be fully present, you need to be completely unattached to the future AND unattached to your past. 

Part of my problem was my need to control EVERYTHING! But can we actually control everything? NO! I had to understand that putting everything into a project or a client was enough, and that the results will be what they will be. Relinquishing control over the results was key. I had to stop creating certain expectations in my mind to how I want everything to be, how I wanted all the results to be, and just let them be. As I now tell myself, by letting go of the control, I am allowing God to do His magic. Or as others say, letting the universe take over. Because I know God’s magic is far more impressive than anything I could ever do on my own. 

The other piece that people don’t touch on is letting go of your past. If you are holding onto resentment, anger, or disappointment from your past, you will never be able to fully move up in life. It will always prevent you from your next BIG move, the move you deserve for your life. Take a moment to reflect on what you are still holding onto, and how can you let it go. Allow yourself to release it so you can take back control over your life. 

As I work with more and more women with their money, I’m now adding this exercise to our sessions. It is so important for the women to let go of their pasts, usually they wish they saved more, spent less, or knew more. Once they can forgive themselves, give themselves some compassion, they are able to see more clearly. Do you need to give yourself some compassion? Maybe you aren’t where you want to be or thought you’d be. But the most important thing is to at least know where you stand. To see clearly what has to be done to create your financial security, to create your own Money Empire! 

I’ve found myself happier than I’ve felt in years, and it isn’t because I have so much more, it’s because I notice all the blessings I have. The more I let go, the more I receive and the more you will receive. 

Ready to start receiving? Let’s begin building your Money Empire, because every strong woman needs one!

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