The cycle of leveling up!

Relief washes over me, every time God comes through, relief washes over me. Is it relief or unconditional love or both? Have you ever been to the bottom of a pit, struggling to get out? Maybe it is a bad debt situation, with mounting credit card debt coming at you. Every Time you swipe the card, you feel the pile mount on you. Then you feel guilty, why can’t I do better for my family, why can’t I get out?

Or maybe it is a bad marriage that slowly, oh so slowly got worse and worse until one day you wake up and can’t believe you are married to this person. Who is this person, who did they become? How do I get out of this, how do I support myself, my family?

Or maybe you are stuck at the wrong company or firm. It all sounded so so good in the beginning, but now…now it feels all so wrong. How do I get out, where do I go, and how can I afford to choose me over the money?

You find yourself in the chaos that life has thrown at you. It gets messier and messier with every step you take. You take one step forward and two steps back. You file for divorce, only to get hit with a custody battle or your attorney fleeing. You look at other jobs or careers, only to get hit with a car accident that your family is in. You pay off one credit card only to have your roof collapse in and the cost of thousands of dollars gets added to your credit card. 

Like I said one step forward and two steps back. But then there is a period of quiet! You get a gift from God, time that you were so scared of before, you now invite because you are so tired of the fight. This is where I meet you today, in my period of quiet. The thought of putting together an event, of training our financial advisors, of dealing with another stock market pullback, or even talking to anyone is too exhausting. This period of time is to rest, regain your strength, and to simply be. God wants you to BE, take time for yourself, be with your family, and to remember why. 

Psalms 46:10 :Be still, and know that I am God.”

There is nothing you need to do, there isn’t another sales call you have to be on or another post you have to get up on instagram. I know I am telling you the opposite of what everyone tells you. Others will say to show up everyday, no matter what, and it’s not that I don’t agree with them. Your family, your business, your mission does need you to show up, and to show up consistently, but you also need to show up for YOU. Instead of catering to everyone else’s needs, let’s now cater to YOUR own needs. 

Have you ever experienced getting sick after an exhausting schedule? Have you ever noticed your calendar clear out despite overbooking yourself? On these pages, we’ve written about when God clears out your schedule, it is to rest. God needs you to rest now because it is time for Him to take your load and to do His amazing work. Here on Earth, we get ourselves into so many messes, don’t we! We chase after things we think we want, because people tell us we have to want them. You NEED these new shoes. You NEED this huge house. You NEED to be in a relationship. So we force things and open doors we aren’t supposed to. Then God comes in and unravels what is no longer working for us. He unravels your world, throws you into chaos on purpose. Here is where we always turn back to God. This I just learned is called the Secret Place, in an amazing book titled Encountering God Through Prayer by Margie Fleurant. 

In my own mediations, I’ve always met with God by a brook in the woods. This is my Secret Place with God, and by reading this book, I’ve learned to be quiet in God’s presence. 

Psalm23:2 “He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me besides quiet waters.”

I’ve always been trained to talk to God, pray to Him, but I never learned until now to listen to Him. He has a lot to say, and now I can soak it all up. Take a moment now to quiet your mind, get rid of distractions, and surrender to God. This is the first step to opening yourself up to Him. Trust me, God already knows all your prayers, He knows what you will pray for without you even saying a word. I’ve spent my entire life reciting the same prayers every night, my nightly ritual. God is the only one who really knows what I should be praying for. I shouldn’t be praying for certain things to happen, but to become my highest self. The only way to uncover my highest self is to listen to what God has to say. 

After this quiet period, you will be inspired to act! Trust me, you will receive the guidance you need to take action and move forward. This is the fun period when everything falls into perfect alignment, and you can proceed with full trust and confidence. You see God working in your favor with every new opportunity that comes your way. You thank God for the messiness of the past and you are grateful for who you have become. With every new level of life, we encounter these cycles and you aren’t scared of them anymore, yet embrace them because by this time next year, you will be on a new path. Embrace the chaos, rest in the peace, and take action only when you feel God’s guidance. Trust! 

I thank you, our loyal readers, for always meeting me here in these words. This blog has become my diary of sorts, my refuge as I sort through all the changes life throws at me. I’m so grateful for you to be on this path with me as I dive deeper in who I am, and what God has in store for me. I’ve been told that my human design is knowing how to change the way people feel about themselves. I hope every week there is something written for you to change how you perceive yourself because you are wonderful, you are amazing, and God has huge plans for you! Embrace it, forgive your past, and allow yourself to expand into your highest self. 

Psalms 68:19 “Praise the Lord; praise God our Savior! For each day He carries us in His arms.”