The Cost of Procrastination

Do you have a problem with procrastination, and never seem ready to start a fitness plan or savings plan?  I’ve been thinking lately of the relationship we have with money and with our body.  We cherish both oh so much, but we can’t seem to find the time or energy to devote some much needed attention to them.  Why is it that we can be so tied to our body image and account size, but can’t put some focus toward them and our goals?  Imagine how much we would benefit from putting just 30 minutes a day to working out or spending a mere 20 minutes a week on your cash flow. In the grand scheme of it, that isn’t much time, and it’s for possible the two most important aspects of your life: your body and your money.  You need your body, well just to live, and you need your money to support your family, support your charities, and support yourself. 

ondering this question, I took a field trip to a local gym, a mere 5 miles away in Hillsborough, NJ.  Koko Fit Club is a new and modern version of a personal fitness coach and gym.  I loved it since it is dummy proof, you don’t need to remember a thing from your last workout.  All you have to do is commit to their 30 minute workouts 3 times a week plus a few 15 minute cardio workouts a week, not too bad right?  The workouts are completely personalized to your goals, whether it is to burn fat, build muscle, or stay put as the fitness goddess you are.  There are even shorter training programs, about 8 weeks, for other goals.  Are you getting married and want to trim down a bit?  Are you recovering from a major surgery or have diabetes?  Then they have the program for you!   You get a chip you plug into your machine, and it will take you through each exercise.  It is so specific and will tell you the speed for each exercise, how many reps, and so on.  It actually becomes like a video game and scores your performance.  There are even meal plans that are dedicated to your workout program, like I said dummy proof.  If all I have to do is bring a chip with me, I think I would be able to accomplish that!  And I do NOT like to lift.

When I was speaking with the very sweet owner, Audrey Wolf, we agreed on the need for fitness is our lives.  Especially after a major life change, divorce, loss of a loved one, retirement, or becoming a very busy, new mom.  It is a way to build yourself back up, regain your focus and determination, and get some confidence in your new life.  It gives you a purpose to part of your day with short term and long term goals; this gym even has a calendar to keep you on track.  The problem is we can always find an excuse and postpone it to the next day, then the next month, and then it is a year later and nothing was done.  You are still the same weight and your bank account is still the same size or smaller.  I’m guilty of this, always thinking I have tomorrow when I go shopping at the mall.  Or the next paycheck to start saving.  However, you’ll run out of tomorrows.  The wedding you wanted to look fabulously fit is today or your dream house is finally on the market.  But you don’t fit into your dress, and that house is out of your budget.  Or worse, you’re forced into retirement, and you haven’t got a plan in place.  It can be so easy to slip into the spiral of tomorrow I will get it done.  I’ve heard it before, and I’ve said it before to myself as well.  I’ve heard it enough to finally open my own eyes and see the correlation.  And if you want to do the same, join us on November 9th at Koko Fit Club in Hillsborough at 7 p.m. for our Reshaping Your Waistline and Your Money Habits Workshop, a transformational night for your body and your wallet.

Audrey will explain their gym’s philosophy, the benefits she’s seen with other women and with herself, and give a bonus sign up deal for all who come (an easy 20 bucks!).  You will get the keys to making a lifestyle change both for your health and for your money.  So email for more information on the event.

Jessica Weaver, CFP®, CDFA™, CFS®
Wealth Advisor

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