Tap into your superpower within you!

How many people do you try to please during the day?

I bet everyone you encounter throughout your day you try to please or make happy. Why do we dedicate so much time and energy to pleasing everyone around you, yet you are the one on the floor at the end of the day crying. Who is left to make you happy or to raise your spirits or to remind you that you are such an amazing person? 

First, let’s begin by diving into how it all started! Since you were a little girl, you were told to keep quiet, obey your parents, and basically make everyone else happy. Do you remember your parents telling you, “Sally, the world doesn’t revolve around you!” I can even remember telling my children this exact phrase! We try so hard as parents to do the best for our children, how to teach them respect and discipline while not diminishing their creative, free spirits. But this phrase alone has caused every adult to rethink how the world works. 

Children at their core are happy, playful beings, who go to their parents when they need help. When they are given something they desire, they jump for joy and shriek as loud as possible, not caring what the world around them will think! They are creative and imaginative, and they are the most present minded age group around! Think about it, when they want something NOW, they mean NOW, not in 5 minutes or in 5 hours! This is exactly what God wants us to be, to come to Him when we need help. To be overwhelmed with delight when He gives us something. To stay in the present moment instead of worry about what is to come. 

As a little girl, my first memory of being scolded was by my father saying: “Don’t you talk back to me!” I would scream back “I don’t know what you mean!” And his response was “You are doing it right now!” What a cycle this created! I wasn’t old enough to properly understand what talking back was, I simply had something to say and needed to get it off my chest. Have you ever been there? Talking with one of our advisors the other day, Veronica too had a lot to say as a teenage, and she explained that her delivery was not well received. So what happened? By trying to please everyone around her, she become very quiet and kept it all to herself. Now as a new business leader, a woman in finance, Veronica has to speak up, but her past is giving her some pause. 

I asked her what her response would be if she shared her latest experience with her extended family on social media? Her step mother snubbed our advisor’s sister at the beginning of the ceremony! The wedding didn’t even start before drama ensued! I know you’ve been in her shoes, which is exactly why we need to start talking about this! She quickly shook her head saying I cannot do that, everyone will be mad at me. This is all because when she was little, her parents took her power away, they took her voice away. Not on purpose, but because that is what they were taught to do as parents. Just like my crown was taken away from me when I was always told to stop talking back, the power in my voice was taken from me.

What was taken from you as a little girl? Your imagination, your playfulness, your voice, your excitement? Usually these are your superpowers, and you need to take back your crown, your power! 

Take a look at your life and the next level you are trying to get to, what is holding you back?

For Veronica, it was her voice and shying away from using it. I so quickly tied it back to her childhood and her constant groundings for using her voice. I will bet my life’s work that the piece holding you back is tied to your superpower that you surrendered as a little girl. 

Go get it back! Embrace what makes you so unique, that maybe as a little child, the world didn’t quite know how to respond to it, but now it does. God gave you this gift for a reason, it’s never too late to grab it back and embrace it. Let the world know you are here because the world needs you, God needs you! Become that playful, fun, loud girl again and move mountains!

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