Stop controlling, start allowing!

I spent the entire week telling myself: just allow blessings to surprise and delight you all week long. In my past life, I was a control freak, ok I might still be a control freak at times, but I’ve learned that the more I try to control, the more I become attached to a certain outcome. The pressure mounts, the stress comes, and before I know it I’m a basket case. As per the perfect Laws of the Universe will tell you, the more attached to an outcome you are, the less likely you will receive it. Why?

Because you are in a state of wanting, and the definition of wanting is not having. You want something because you don’t have it! You attract what based on your state of being. By being in a state of wanting, you will never receive that next lottery ticket, that new car, or your next sale. 

OR you can be in a state of allowing! By allowing, you simply let what comes your way, come your way. God loves to bless us in unexpected ways! By focusing on the the one outcome you are trying to control and manipulate the universe, God to give you. You become tunnel vision and miss out on all these other opportunities! A great example of this is your to do list. You become so fixated on executing your to do list that a million dollar opportunity could hit you in the head, and you still wouldn’t see it! 

So I allow, I sit back, stay in gratitude, and let the blessings fall into my lap.

Maybe you are fixated on finding your next mission in life, your next purpose, your next business idea, and your focus is only on missing this item in your life. You are searching for your purpose, spending more money on finding your purpose, and saying to yourself, I need to find my purpose by the end of the year. Wow talk about pressure, you will become a pressure cooker as the minutes tick by! Or you can find joy in this moment right now, reading these words, and feeling fulfilled that you are here with me. Which do you want to pick: stress or joy?

I had a meditation vision of being onstage in a huge conference room all by myself with the lights turned off. I’m sobbing on the stage because my biggest fear came true: no one came. 

My dear husband, Eric, comes over and says it’s time to go home, Jess. I turn to him and say, well we have this huge space, we might as well take advantage and play hide and seek with the kids. My son and daughter come running in and we are laughing hysterically all over the conference room. The more we laugh, the more people come into the room to watch. Before we know it, the room is filled with thousands of people laughing. I hit the stage for my speech and told them I was paid $50,000 to teach them about having fun at work. Why? Because when you light up, the world around you lights up! 

I quickly learned what God was telling me, let go of controlling when people come into Your life. Look up, give the world a smile, and watch as your room fills up with the RIGHT people. Let go and allow! Let your self doubt walls down, let them crumble because here’s the truth:

There is NOTHING you can’t have once you accept the fact that you CAN have it!

Self doubt, second guessing yourself, or flip flopping on your decisions will block good things coming to you. Why? Because God, the universe just doesn’t know what to send you! And this is exactly what happens when you try to control your outcomes. You become so dependent on them coming to fruition that as you approach that looming deadline, you begin to question if it will really happen. And before you know, you fall out of alignment with your desires. This is what I did for a decade! Once I decided to allow people and opportunities to fall into my lap, the game changed. Everyday I receive a new client, a new speaking opportunity, a new offer comes my way in such an expected, blissful style! 

Here are some affirmations:

I am a money magnet!

Money making opportunities fall into my lap!

It is safe for me to have it all and more!

I am worthy of having it all and more!

Money loves me and I love money!

How do you allow yourself? The exact steps I used to move out of my own way and open myself to receive are outlined in my new LIFT course, a 10 week money miracle journey!

Activate your worth!

Align your energy with your desires!

Heal old money baggage from old relationships, parents, or other sabotaging money beliefs!

Cut the cord to your old money limiting beliefs!

Expand your wealth consciousness!

Identify your intentional and inspired actions to fulfill your desires!

Sit back and receive!

One client won 2 lottery tickets during the course, and she NEVER plays the lottery!

Another woman received a $60,000 college scholarship for her daughter!

Sue received a $6,000 check in the mail from an unexpected source!

Tiffany received a $10,000 bonus check she wasn’t expecting!

And the list goes on, so what will your miracles include? Grab LIFT now and uncover 10 weeks of money activating miracles fall into your lap!