So many blessings and so much gratitude!

There have been so many blessings from the Lord this year, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude. What could have been a year to beat me down, I feel like I’ve risen up to every challenge that presented itself. Not always gracefully, not always with patience, and yes there were meltdowns. EPIC meltdowns that would make my 3 year old seem shy when it comes to tantrums, but I have risen above nonetheless. 

Despite the storm clouds, we’ve been able to have an EPIC year at team #pinkfix! Here’s what we’ve been working on behind the scenes:

  1. An all NEW program called LIFT for our women to come together, grew their careers and businesses, build prosperity into their daily life, and form lasting relationships. We are more powerful together! Check out our next event here: 
  2. We built a money council including Gail Kreitzer (life coach), Stephanie Rizzuto (mortgage broker), Megan Crotts CPA, and Lauren Nakachi (estate attorney).  
  3. We are building a women’s advisory team!  I am currently interviewing women to bring on our team so if you know anyone, please message me. 
  4. I wrote my 3rd book…details to come! It’s so different from anything I’ve written before and I am very excited about it!
  5. We just joined a new independent financial firm: LPL Financial and had a transition call with 6 other female advisors to bring on our team. I love how supportive LPL is with bringing more women advisors into our industry. FYI to all my advisory clients my new email is
  6. A new PR woman has started working with us to bring more women into our #pinkfix community. It’s so important to me that women know there is hope, guidance, and support out there for them
  7. I’ll be pitching to over 65 TV producers at the beginning of the year so we are gearing up for our pitches, building out our brand, and bringing more women onto our growing team! 

OK enough about me, how about the women in our community, they have lots to celebrate!

  • 11 women bought their dream house.
  • 4 women got married to their soul mates.
  • 6 had babies or grandbabies welcomed into the family.
  • 20 celebrated a work anniversary for their business.
  • 17 got new and better jobs. 
  • 7 paid off their mortgages.
  • 72.4% of the women are saving 5 figures or more a year.
  • 12 women hit the $100,000 mark with their money.
  • 9 women hit the $500,000 mark with their money. 
  • 4 women hit the $ 1 million mark with their money.
  • 3 women hit the $ 2 million mark with their money.

Every woman continued to save money and pay down debt despite COVID setbacks. 

Every woman has a plan and has stuck it out to come out better in 2020 than when they entered. 

Every woman made strategic long term decisions despite their fears making them want to take the easy way out. They persevered and their bank accounts thank them for it! 

We truly are stronger together! 

Yes, we are a community of powerhouse women! If you want in on our magic, check out our next event in January: