Silencing your biggest money critic!

How to Silence Your Biggest Money Critic…Yourself!

How many times a day do you think about money?______

The Positive versus Negative

What times of the day do you think negative thoughts and beliefs?

What times of the day do you think positive thoughts and beliefs?

Money Check Points!

The money in your life has a pattern, it’s your responsibility to figure out what that pattern is! It is my responsibility to help you create a better money pattern. The first step is to take a mental inventory of all the negative things you say to yourself about money. Take a minute to write down as many as possible now. Next, keep a notepad with you and write down any negative thoughts you have for a week. 

As you start taking inventory of your negative thought patterns, you will learn what triggers you have about money and what those triggers do to your money. Let’s say that you just finished with work for the day, and while scrolling social media you see an advertisement for a sale at your favorite store. You think: I deserve to treat myself for working so hard! (HINT, here is a positive money belief!) Since it is a sale, you indulge in a small shopping spree of a few dresses, new pink heals, and a new pink lipstick! After your shopping spree, you begin to think about all the bills you still need to pay, and how small your savings account is. This makes you start to stress about how you are going to pay your bills AND pay off this big credit card bill from the shopping spree. Now you are thinking…I’m so stupid, why did I spend all that money? I’ll never have enough money to indulge like that, I should be like so and so who always has enough money saved up. I’ll never be worth it, I’ll never make enough, I’ll never have enough. (HINT, here is a negative narrative!) Your positive belief was just crushed by this negative narrative. 

What happens next is your choice. You can continue feeling bad about yourself, which let’s be honest, will only lead to more impulsive purchases, furthering your credit card debt. OR you can write these beliefs down, stare at them, and decide how much credibility you want to give them. Usually when you write down these thoughts, you begin to realize how silly they sound. How ridiculous they are, and you can even laugh at them! 

After you laugh at your inner critical voice, you can change the narrative to the positive! Take your negative thoughts and turn them positive! How can you neutralize all the bad and limiting beliefs you have been telling yourself and flip them to the positive?