Sick of living life in a fog?

Living Life in a Fog?

Ever wake up one day and feel different? As if you‘ve been in a fog for a few days, weeks, or even years. All of a sudden it hits you, and you’re asking yourself, “What happened?”

It happened to me this morning. I woke up and felt excited for work again. I usually am pretty pumped to get going with my day, see how I can help the women in my world, yet for a few weeks, I was just too exhausted. I was burnt out, and just getting into the shower was exhausting. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I went into my journal and saw my last entry was over 3 weeks ago. YIKES! I typically journal for a few minutes everyday because it helps me reflect on my life, keep my priorities straight, and stay present. The personal growth I gain from this simple exercise is tremendous, and only helps me relate to the women I work with and help. 

My questions to myself were: why was I feeling so exhausted, what was I hiding from, what was I scared of???

CHANGE! I was hiding and avoiding change! Have you ever felt like this? You know your life is about to change or that it HAS to change, yet you want to stay with what is familiar. I see it with the moms, whose children are about to leave for college. I see it with the women I help, who are about to get divorced. Or the women in my Strong Retirement Club as they transition into their “refinement.” 

What change was happening in my life? A whole lot!

My second book was just released, and I know how much it will propel me further in my goals to help reach more women. To let the women know there is help out there, there is a safe place for them to go with their concerns, and to give them the process to live life on their own terms.

I am also hiring a new assistant, which is scary when your first assistant was just so good! I know it will take time to train her, show her how we operate, and what our business plan is. I also know how essential she will be to our next level of growth! You know the sky ‘s the limit when the sky is pink! 

My husband is now taking on even more at his work, which means more “adjusting” to his schedule. And learning to get more help for my own sanity! 

And the big one…I’m pregnant! At first, I thought I was just tired after putting together such a successful and amazing National Holiday, our National #pinkfix Day! Along with launching my second book: TIME to REFINE, getting it to be a best-seller, AND finishing the manuscript for it. But no, I was so tired from the early stages of being pregnant. 

Life is about change! As I write in my new book, TIME to REFINE, the best thing I learned with Andie is how necessary it is to adjust to life. You will stay paralyzed in life if you can’t adjust. If you are always thinking about different outcomes, you can learn to mentally be prepared for any of those outcomes. BUT the biggest piece I’ve learned about adjusting is support. It’s very hard to adjust when you’re constantly doing it by yourself. That should be the definition of burn out! Always adjusting by yourself! Support is your safety net during those transitions in life, during the tough times, and even during the good times so you can celebrate!

Support is KEY to anything you do in life. Find the right support, and your life will change…just ask my Strong Retirement Club members! They have seen it first hand how much it helped them overcome such bug hurdles, such as divorce, retirement, losing a loved one, or losing their job. Support is how I structure my business, and why I created the Strong Retirement Club. Without that tribe of women behind you, you will feel so much weight on your shoulders, you won’t be able to move forward. 

So I ask you, who do you have supporting you? Where in your life are you lacking support?

And lastly, don’t be shy, I welcome the opportunity to help you with your own support or connect you with other women who could help you!