S3 E5: Unpacking Divorce Emotions: Insights with Dr. Deborah Wilder

In this insightful discussion with therapist Dr. Deborah Wilder, we dive deep into the emotional complexities of divorce, particularly focusing on navigating the challenging waters of emotionally abusive relationships. From trauma bonds to self-care strategies, Dr. Wilder provides valuable insights on empowering women through therapy and prioritizing their well-being during divorce. 

Join hosts Jessica Weaver and Donna Cates as they explore the evolving trends in seeking help for emotional abuse, financial control, and the importance of financial literacy in empowering women. Stay tuned for a candid conversation on supporting women through divorce, self-care, and resilience.

Episode Highlights:

-During this episode they discuss the impact of emotional abuse and financial control within marriages, and the growing trend of women seeking help and resources to address these issues.

-Dr. Wilder shares insights on the challenges children face during divorce and highlights the importance of therapeutic resources for both parents and children.

-The episode touches on the empowering aspect of financial education for women, as well as the convenience of virtual therapy sessions making therapy more accessible.

Contact Our Guest:

Website:  https://drdeborahwilder.com/

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/drdeborahwilder

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drdeborahwilder?igsh=cWF2eDE3a280emdt

TikTok:  @drdeborahwilder.com