S3 E3: Rising Strong After Divorce: Lisa Lisser’s Coaching Approach and Personal Journey

Welcome to another episode of “Women Behind the Millions.” In this episode, hosts Jessica Weaver and Donna Cates are joined by the dynamic Lisa Lisser, a CDC certified divorce coach and retired lawyer, to delve into the emotional and strategic aspects of divorce. Lisa shares her personal journey through a challenging divorce, highlighting the struggles, growth, and transformation she experienced. 

Throughout the episode, Lisa provides valuable insights into the role of a divorce coach, emphasizing the benefits of seeking guidance and support during the divorce process. From reframing one’s mindset to creating a “badass list,” the conversation explores empowering strategies for women navigating divorce. Join us as we uncover the spiritual and practical dimensions of wealth and well-being during life-altering transitions.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lisa discusses her journey from a struggling divorcee to a certified divorce coach and spiritual counselor showcases the power of reframing one’s narrative and mindset during divorce
  • Jess and Lisa place an emphasis on vision, personal growth, and connecting with one’s strengths post-divorce highlights the transformative potential of embracing one’s journey and envisioning a brighter future.
  • They also discuss the role of a divorce coach in providing practical guidance, empowering clients, and creating space for informed decision-making during the divorce process is emphasized.

*Offer from Lisa: Free 30 minute consult – 10% off any package you book as a result of this podcast – just indicate you heard about me through this podcast.

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