S3 E2: Finding Light in Divorce: A Close Look at Mediation with Cary Jacobson

In this episode of Women Behind the Millions, we delve into the world of divorce, focusing on the experiences and expertise of professionals dedicated to helping women navigate this challenging transition. Our guests, Donna Cates and Cary Jacobson, shed light on the various aspects of the divorce process, from mediation and collaborative divorce to stress management and the importance of building a support team. 

We explore the significance of education, empowerment, and strategic decision-making, aiming to guide women through divorce and empower them to emerge stronger and more resilient. Join us as we unravel the complexities of divorce and share valuable insights to support women in this transformative journey.

Episode Highlights:

-Cary discusses the difference between court-ordered and private mediations, and how shuttle mediation can help in resolving conflicts.

-They emphasize the importance of arming oneself with a support team, including a financial advisor and attorney, to prepare for mediation.

-Cary emphasizes the importance of being solution-oriented, focusing on the best outcome for the family unit, and minimizing drama to prevent financial losses in the divorce process.

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