S3 E1: Divorce Decoded: Empowering Women Through Divorce with Donna Cates

Welcome to Women Behind the Millions, where we dive into the complex world of relationships, finance, and empowerment. In today’s episode, our host Jessica Weaver welcomes the insightful Donna Cates, an expert in women and divorce for over two decades. Together, they explore the financial and emotional impact of divorce, shedding light on overlooked financial aspects, the importance of seeking professional guidance, and the need for a close-knit support system. Donna also shares details about the empowering new book “Divorce Decoded,” designed to guide women through the turbulent waters of divorce and beyond. Join us as we uncover the financial intricacies and emotional support available to women in transition, and learn how “Divorce Decoded” aims to empower and equip women during this challenging life event.


-During this episode Donna introduces her new book project “Divorce Decoded: A manifesto for women navigating divorce and beyond.”

-Jess and Donna stress the importance of financial planning and seeking professional guidance to make informed decisions during divorce proceedings.

-She also shares her journey into divorce work, highlighting the need for a divorce financial expert, especially in complex financial situations like “gray divorce.”

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