S2 E9- Drilling Down Debt & Knowing the Risks with Holleigh Urbanik

In this episode, host Jessica Weaver sits down with the inspiring Holleigh Urbanik, a Financial Trendsetter who shares her powerful story of resilience and determination in the male-dominated world of finance. Holleigh’s journey, from overcoming challenges to finding abundance and joy in her life, serves as a beacon of inspiration for all women aspiring to take control of their financial destiny. Together, Jessica and Holleigh delve into the importance of open communication about money in relationships, the impact of vulnerability, and the significance of women’s empowerment in the financial industry. Join us as we explore the power of women in wealth creation, and the emotional and practical aspects behind their financial journeys.


-Holleigh shares her journey to financial empowerment and resilience, inspiring women to take charge of their financial well-being.

-During the episode Jess and Holleigh explore the importance of open communication about money within relationships and the impact it has on unity and understanding.

-Holleigh also discusses her financial planning strategies, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing travel and creating a “Sunny Day Fund.”

Contact Our Guest:

Website- https://www.melissamyersgroup.com/

Instagram- @financebarbieholleigh 

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/holleigh.swanson.7

 LinkedIn- Holleigh (Swanson) Urbanik