S2 E7-Being a Connector and an Advisor in the World of Wealth with Leslie Lipscomb

In today’s episode, we sit down with the remarkable Leslie Lipscomb, a true trailblazer in the financial industry. Leslie shares her insights on the increasing number of women taking control of their finances and the importance of establishing a personal brand in the industry. Join us as we delve into Leslie’s journey, her top money tips, and her mission to empower and support independent financial advisors. We’ll also discuss the growing trend of women entering the financial services industry and the need for mentorship and collaboration. Stay tuned for an insightful and empowering conversation with Leslie!


  • Leslie shares hot money tips, including automating savings and considering annuities for growing money tax deferred. 
  • This episode emphasizes the importance of simplifying money management for women and changing the mindset around money. 
  • Jess and Leslie discuss the significance of establishing a personal brand and conveying a message of independence when transitioning in the financial industry.

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LinkedIn Team Website: https://www.teamlipscomb.figmarketing.com/