S2 E6- What You Do Matters with Jill Phillips

In this episode, host Jessica Weaver talks with guest Jill Phillips who is a Financial Professional/Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Hyer Financial. During this episode they discuss the importance of heart-led action in financial management, the impact of long-term care planning on families, and the evolving landscape of insurance options. They emphasize the significance of open communication and trust within families, as well as the growing assertiveness of women in financial decision-making. The conversation also touches on retirement money diversification, tax considerations, and the need to be proactive in long-term care planning. They also discuss the roles of women in business and how that has evolved and improved over the years.


-Jess and Jill discuss the impact of long-term care planning on families and the need for open communication.

-The episode features insights into the evolving insurance industry, dispelling misconceptions and highlighting the need for proactive planning.

-Jill also shares her thoughts on women in the business world and how that has evolved and also how there has been a shift in how women support one another.

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Website: https://www.hyerfinancialservices.com/
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