S2 E4- Seeing the Changing Tide of Women with Camille Ledda

In this episode, host Jessica Weaver sits down with the inspiring Camille Ledda, Director of Operations at The Women’s Wealth Boutique. Camille shares her journey from facing discrimination in the male-dominated financial industry to empowering women in wealth management. We delve into her personal resilience, faith, and the importance of work-life balance, and how she found her place in the world of finance. Join us as we explore Camille’s immigrant background, her passion for poetry, and her trailblazing efforts in revolutionizing gender equality in the workforce. This episode is a testament to the enduring spirit of women and the power of resilience in the face of challenges.


  • Camille shares her journey overcoming discrimination in the financial industry and finding work-life balance. 
  • The episode features discussions on resiliency, faith, and women supporting each other, along with hot money tips for maximizing pretax savings. 
  • They discuss her immigrant experience and her transition to a leadership role at the Woman’s Wealth Boutique which showcases not only her resilience but also her determination.

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