S2 E2-Dream Big with Caroline Tanis

On this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver engages in a powerful and insightful conversation with financial adviser and strategist, Caroline Tanis. Caroline shares her personal journey as a caregiver, highlighting the emotional and financial challenges faced by those in similar roles. 
The discussion also delves into intentional investment in oneself and the consequential impact on personal and professional growth. With a focus on alignment, worthiness, and empowering strategies in the financial industry, Jessica and Caroline provide valuable insights for women aiming to navigate and thrive in the world of wealth and finance. Tune in as they discuss practical tips, impactful statistics, and engage in a transformative meditation, leaving you feeling empowered and equipped to embrace your financial journey with confidence and intention.

Episode Highlights:
-Caroline emphasizes the importance of intentional investment, clear outcomes, and setting a word of the year, “abundance,” in money, love, and opportunity. 

-They discuss the impact of women leaving the workforce and the emotional barriers of reentering the workforce after a divorce.

-Caroline highlights the need to help clients plan for potential caregiving responsibilities for their aging parents, addressing financial, emotional, and physical aspects, reducing fear and uncertainty for the future.

Contact Our Guest:
IG: @tanisfingroup
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-tanis/
Website: https://tanisfingroup.com/