S2 E14- Being a Success Champion with Teri DiGrande

In this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver guides listeners through a powerful meditation exercise focused on releasing feelings of unworthiness and fear, leaving them with a message of self-worth and confidence. Joined by special guest Teri DiGrande, a successful entrepreneur and insurance professional, the episode delves into the journey of women in the financial industry, discussing mentorship, setting financial goals, and the importance of celebrating achievements. Teri shares her 30-year entrepreneurial journey and the impact of negative feedback and people-pleasing on women, while emphasizing the importance of learning, mentorship, and family balance. The conversation also touches on the significance of protecting assets through insurance and the underrepresentation of women in the industry. Stay tuned for insights on career changes, insurance trivia, and the importance of bringing more women into the financial industry.


-During this episode Jess and Teri discuss the importance of protecting assets and liabilities through insurance

-Teri emphasizes the need for sufficient coverage and regular policy reviews to reduce financial risks

-They also discuss the impact of negative feedback and people-pleasing on women’s confidence and the importance of overcoming fears and challenges when making career changes.

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