S2 E13- Detours and Determination with Siedah Garrett-Guess

In today’s excerpt, our host Jessica Weaver engages in a riveting conversation with Siedah Garrett-Guess, a prominent financial strategist and CEO. Together, they explore Siedah’s daring ambition as a 12-year-old, her transition to financial literacy advocacy, and her mission to empower millions of women to build millionaire legacies. Discover the impact of teamwork, the importance of gratitude, and the art of dreaming big in this dynamic episode. Jess and Siedah also discuss the impact of financial literacy, the importance of teamwork, and the upcoming $30 trillion wealth transfer to women. Join us in celebrating wealth, practicing gratitude, and nurturing big dreams.


– Siedah discusses her mission to help millions of women become millionaires.
– Jess and Siedah emphasize the importance of celebrating wealth and practicing gratitude amid the pursuit of financial success. 
– Siedah reflects on her 12-year-old self’s ambitious dreams, urging others to not to let anyone steal their dreams.

Contact Our Guest: 

IG: @_siedahgarrett

Facebook: Siedah Guess

Website: https://www.transformationwealthgroup.com/