S2 E1- Women Are the Future with Jaime Cowper

Welcome to the Season 2 kick-off episode of “Women Behind the Millions” with your host, Jessica Weaver. In this episode, Jessica opens with a guided meditation, inviting listeners to embrace the present moment and visualize success. 

The focus on empowerment continues as guest Jaime Cowper, a seasoned financial advisor, shares her 20 years of expertise in wealth management and emphasizes the importance of education for women in finance. Together, they explore the significance of mentorship to support women in the financial industry. 

From diversification tips to the impact of COVID on businesses, Jaime and Jessica delve into a wide range of financial topics, offering invaluable insights. Join us as we uncover the journey of Jaime Cowper, her challenges and successes, and her commitment to providing hands-on guidance to clients’ financial needs. This episode is filled with practical advice, personal stories, and a shared mission to make money relatable and empowering for women.

Episode Highlights:

-Jaime shares her journey as a financial advisor, highlighting the importance of building a team and helping families with wealth transfer

-She also discusses her passion for helping clients and how that led her to starting her own firm, where she was able to build a team and run things her way.

-Jaime and Jess discuss the importance and also the challenge of finding the right people to help make up her team.

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Guest’s Email: cowper@unityfinancialadvisors.net