S1 E08- Impacting Lives with Regiane Glory

In this episode, Jess talks to Regiane Glory who is the founder and CEO of Total Help lawyer service- a service to assist Brazilian immigrants navigate the legal system in various countries. They discuss what it is like to run a business across multiple countries. Regiane also talks about her journey coming from Brazil to the US and how she decided to get into the legal field. She explains how she started her company from the ground up and talks about the journey to get to where they are today spread across multiple countries. 


  • It’s important to thank God everyday for everything we have
  • The importance of knowing how/when to expand your business
  • It’s vital to invest in the people you have with you!

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Jessica Weaver  00:02

Hello listeners hello money queens. I am so excited for our show today. I feel like I say that all the time. But today, we have with us this amazing powerhouse lady who is not just a business owner, but an international business owner. She’s writing a book, so much to talk about today. Before we dive in, I am Jessica Weaver, your host of woman behind the millions. And without further ado, we have Regiane Luna Glory with us today. She is the founder and CEO of Total Help, a lawyer referral service. They help Brazilian immigrants to navigate the legal system in the USA, Europe and Japan. She’s got a huge piece of legacy that they’re also doing with her work. So I cannot wait to talk about how she started, what its amounted to, how she’s giving back and also where God has played a role and all that she’s built. So thank you so much Regiane for being on with us to women behind the millions.

Regiane Glory  01:02

Well thank you for this opportunity to be here and share a little bit of my life, and how God has been wonderful to me. So it’s a blessing. So thank you again.

Jessica Weaver  01:16

I love to hear that. And you said right before we started recording this , you thank God every day, and it’s such a humbling practice, but also a way to continue to receive as well.

Regiane Glory  01:29

True. Yeah, I mean, I can’t deny that and you guys gonna hear a little bit of my story. I can’t deny that God exists. So I start my day already thanking him every single morning for being here. And there’s so much to be grateful, right?

Jessica Weaver  01:50

Yes. What a beautiful way to start the day just acknowledging Thank you, God, I’m still here, I still get to do what I love to do. Did, did you ever think it was going to become what it has become, what Total Health has become?

Regiane Glory  02:04

Actually I had an idea, but I did not expect to be what it is and the impact that we are. The impact that we’re doing the Brazilian community, not only here in the US, but in Japan. I mean, in Brazil now Europe. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. I did not expect that.

Jessica Weaver  02:28

How do you run a business? And we’re gonna get into how it all became, but how do you run a business in multiple countries? Well, you’re in a ton of states, too. So your nationwide Total Help is nationwide, locations everywhere. You have offices in Brazil, and now Europe and Japan as well. How do you get, people listening are probably like- that sounds like a logistic, a lot of logistics, a lot of responsibilities. And I feel it for especially for women. And it will halt us from making progress forward.

Regiane Glory  03:05

I actually had to learn, I, I learned a lot of this logistics by reading a lot by talking to people that was already doing it. And I was in a program with a coach who also put me in contact with somebody else that was dealing overseas company. So that helped me a lot. So sharing information. And of course, I can’t forget to say that, um, it’s my team, above all, I mean, it’s a group of people that helped me to get here and help me and to today to manage this whole thing.

Jessica Weaver  03:44

Wow, how did Total Help come about?

Regiane Glory  03:48

So I’m going to start with the beginning.

Jessica Weaver  03:52

Start at the beginning, I’m curious too. Did you grow up in the US? Did you grow up in Brazil? Even let’s start back there growing up.

Regiane Glory  04:00

So I’m born in Brazil. Cute story. So I have to start with that. My mom got her first job when I was eight years old at the American Embassy. Wow. Yes. And, and we came from very humble beginnings. Let’s put this way, very simple family. And my dad was the type of guy that my wife does not work outside of the house only takes care of the kids. But my mother was this tough woman and she was determined that she wanted to be independent. So yeah, so she got her first job. We had no idea where it was in about a week or so that she was working at this place that we didn’t know, what was she came home and she said, Well, they all speak a different language and I think it’s English. And I was eight years old. And I said to my mom, oh wow so they speak English? And my mother said yes they do. And at the embassy, they give a scholarship to all the employees. Now, my mother’s start at the embassy helping in the kitchen as a as a helper. I mean, she had no, I mean, she wasn’t a high end executive, nothing like that. She started the kitchen. And at that point, they only gave a scholarship to her, not the children. So we did not have the right for us to get a scholarship. So my mother did. And she got home and she said to me, Well, I’m gonna have to start learning English. And I was eight. And I said mom, can I learn that with you? And Yeah, my mother said, actually, like I said, We came from a very simple family, we change things around my generation, we change things. But anyways, my mother said, here’s what I’m going to do. You’re going to take the classes and you teach me. So just so you guys know, I graduated as my mother. 

Jessica Weaver  06:00

 That’s amazing. Eight years old. To be that ambitious to do that is pretty amazing. Pretty remarkable.

Regiane Glory  06:09

It I guess, like can only say that it’s the guy upstairs.

Jessica Weaver  06:14

He knew you were meant to be able to speak. be fluent in both languages that big things are coming.

Regiane Glory  06:20

So yeah, so four years later, I was doing an exchange, I was an exchange student at the embassy. I had a chance to get out of the country, travel. See the world. Today I think I have under my belt 62 countries already. Yes. love to travel.

Jessica Weaver  06:44

What was your favorite part of that time being an exchange student?

Regiane Glory  06:47

I I think learning different cultures, learning how other people live, how they see the world because we all see different ways. It’s all different priorities. My husband and I we talk about this all the time. And he says he asked me he says what country do you like the most and why? And I I have to say that it all based on priorities. You go to Europe, Italy, their focus is in family, food, be with your friends. You go to South America, it’s about traveling. It’s about body it’s about living. You go to other countries or US because I’m an American citizen. But I I do get to see the world the world a little bit from outside. Right. I can say a little bit about US, a little bit about Europe. So US the focus is let’s make more money. Let’s have the big house. Let’s have a big car.

Jessica Weaver  07:45

I was thinking that Yes. When you were talking about the other countries, like ours is work. Ours is work.

Regiane Glory  07:51

Which is good. Let’s not gonna It’s very good. That’s why US is a superpower. But it’s that’s what I’m, I think is what I have a passion about it about seeing how people see and perceive the world. I’m in love with that.

Jessica Weaver  08:08

That makes you very adaptable. You can probably get thrown into any situation. It doesn’t matter who you’re with that you can find a way to relate to them, communicate, understand where they’re coming from.

Regiane Glory  08:21

So true. Yeah. So anyways, talking about Total Help. So came to the US 27 years ago with a student visa. End up staying, I did my college here. I did political science, bachelor in political science. I was I was working for a law firm in LA. And I thought that that’s what I want to do. I want to be in the legal field. So I worked for this law firm, five years. And all of a sudden, I realized that I was better at communicating with people, bringing clients to the office, I was the type of person that I would go to parties. I’ll go to funerals, I would go to weddings, and there I was with my business card, always telling people about the law firm that I worked for. And it got to a point that I realized that I was bringing a lot of business, so I had a talk with my boss. And at that time, my boss says, Well, I don’t want you to leave. So I’ll give you a little bit more so you can keep doing this marketing. And I little by little he introduced me to other lawyers. So my boss used to work in the criminal area only, then he introduced me to an immigration attorney, then a PI and little by little I created my network of attorneys. And I realized that I was making more money with my marketing business then as a paralegal. Yeah, so I kept going to school then I did my Master’s in international law. I wanted to practice law at one point. Moved to Florida and I realized that in Florida, Florida had the biggest Brazilian population- thats in 99,  99-2000. So got to Florida, realize that I had a very good opportunity there to grow my business. And at that time, Brazil, Brazilian CNN, which we call global, was coming to the US. So I got close to the owners of CNN in the US, and I decided to risk it. I put $100,000 I sold my house in LA, my apartment, and I put 100,000 in marketing. So I know my culture, people like to watch the news at 7pm. Once they get back home from work, they wanted to watch their novellas, their soap operas. So I realized that I had a chance to get a good chunk of attention from the Brazilians that was here. I bought the primetime and I stayed there for 18 years. Wow. Yeah, so the first two months that I put my 100,000 and I risked it, it was just me and a small office, a $300 office in Boca Raton, Florida. I didn’t have a very 

Jessica Weaver  11:32

Like so many times, it starts in a basement, it starts in a garage, or it starts in the small office. And I love these stories.

Regiane Glory  11:43

There I was, and then I didn’t prepare myself, I think I did not believe that I was going to have a good result. I mean, I put the money, but I thought, well, it’s gonna be little by little. And all of a sudden, next day, the phone was ringing off the hook. So I remember you were on the

Jessica Weaver  12:00

Its like you were on the Oprah show, and you exploded.

Regiane Glory  12:05

Yeah. So my, my mother had to answer the phone. My dad had to answer the phone, my housekeeper had to answer the phone. So I realized, hey, time to stop and organize and get someone to help me here. Because up to that point, I was doing everything by myself. And I thought that I knew everything. But was the right time to hire someone to help me. So I hire a coach at that time, we structure the company with the right people. And it took me about five years, I had the company, all organized I mean I think it was 2004 to 2005. I realized that okay, we’re in good shape, we have a good chunk of the Brazilian market, but I was getting phone calls from different states. I was living for it. I was getting phone calls from Massachusetts from New Jersey, New York. So I thought maybe time to grow. So I did my first expansion, I decided to scale the company there to five offices. I decided

Jessica Weaver  13:12

You go from one office to five offices?

Regiane Glory  13:14

Yes. Wow, look at that. That’s what I yeah, I decided to call my best secretaries that I had at that time, five girls, which by the way, our team is all females. Now we have one or two, I think two or three male on the company doing some more for us, but most of them 99% female. So I got my five best and I had a meeting with them. And I said, ladies, time to do something we need to shake, shake things up here. So they said, Okay, what do you have in mind? And I said, Okay, we’re gonna go to other states. So I actually told them, I’m gonna give you I’m gonna give $5,000 to whoever goes and open the best location, train the Secretary, throw a cocktail party and organize an office for me in one week. So was like crazy

Jessica Weaver  14:11

 Challenge on

Regiane Glory  14:13

Yes. So they were all happy. They all decide, okay, where do I go? I had the locations because of the study that we had done with the state what locations were bringing results to us. So I basically just gave them what city and they had to find the office, hire someone, anyway. So in a week, we open five offices, we open- Everett, we opened Everett, Massachusetts, we open Marietta, Georgia, we opened Newark, New Jersey. We opened Framingham in Massachusetts, and the West Coast in Florida. Fort Pierce at that time.

Jessica Weaver  14:54

Okay. So this was part of like the business plan, right, the growth phase of the business plan we knew what territories, we had already done the research, it was almost like you beta tested it. That’s amazing, five offices in one week.

Regiane Glory  15:08

Yeah. So after that, so I realized that I needed five years to make sure that I had those office stable, that I had the right people, which is something that I really learned during this whole process, it’s people, it’s the most important thing that I that you have to have in your business, it’s really invest in the people that you have with you. So anyways, five years goes by, that’s now 2010. And again, I said time to shake things up, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna allow anybody to come to this market and take my pie away from me. So we decided to go from five offices to 10 offices. So but then now I had a process that I was following, right, I knew that I needed the right people training , making sure that each office would support themselves financially, give them a little bit of time to grow and watch them. So I did that in 2010, we went to 10 offices. Same I copy exactly the same recipe. For my third expansion, I went to 20 offices, and then my last office, which was very challenging, because at that point, with 20 offices, I had to do a lot of traveling and manage people from a distance, it’s very difficult, because you can have cameras in most of the places. But still, when you don’t have a relationship with the people that you work with, it’s just cameras or over the phone, it becomes a little bit challenging. So I made sure to visit each office and really get to know the managers at those locations. I have one that now it’s one of my best friends. She’s been with me for 18 years. And I saw her kids, I saw her getting pregnant, I saw her giving birth to both kids, and one of them just went to college recently. So that’s becomes part of your life. So but I used to go and stay with her. She at the beginning, I was like, and I remember my husband say, she offer for you to stay at her house? And I said, You know what I’m gonna take this one , he said no, go to a hotel. And I said, No, I want to get close. I want to know, yeah. What am I doing business with? And guess what? We got so close that she’s like a sister. So I have sisters all over the country. And every time I go somewhere, one of these states, I have to have dinner with the family. I know the kids, the kids call me Aunt. And that’s the way it goes. Yeah, so we have very good relationship. And the last expansion, just so now we catch up with Total Help, 2020 with the in 2020, just before the pandemic. We had 30 offices at that point. 

Jessica Weaver  18:19

Wow. 30 offices.

Regiane Glory  18:21

30. Yeah, so at that point, I had to rethink the whole thing, because COVID change, right, the everything for us. And so everybody went to work at home from home. And I had to make a decision, a financial decision, I was looking at some offices. And so it was a sad moment for me because I’m not a person to reduce or to cut. Or, to me that’s devastating. But what I thought what I put in my mind was okay, I’m readjusting because of COVID. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m readjusting. Exactly. So I just use a different word to be able to accept that. So right after that, we cut to 25 offices, everything, everybody was working from home, but then I thought to myself, so what is going to happen here? Every five years I was expanding. So what am I going for here, reduce? I mean, that doesn’t make any sense. But then COVID A lot of companies closed right. So I was very grateful that we were able to stay in business. And we did well. We did all the business from home with videos, talk to clients did translations with attorneys over the phone by video, so everything worked well. So like I said, it was a moment for me of being grateful for everything that I was able to accomplish. So I thought to myself, well do I need to thank this for? My girls. I was, and a lot of them, they always came to me and said- I would dream to have my office. But, of course, I’m not gonna compete against Total Help. So here I am with you. So at that point I felt well my next move, maybe it’s time to go to franchise and allow this girl to buy the franchise. Yeah, there

Jessica Weaver  20:25

This is opening up all of the listeners and viewers minds of yes, there is a point when you get to cash in, and you get to really get paid for what you’ve built into, like, this is kind of where you were at.

Regiane Glory  20:38

And I actually thought that I was going to Okay, so I don’t want to handle phone calls with attorneys anymore. I don’t want to handle the phone calls from clients anymore. Because I was hands on calling clients, talking to clients. So it got really crazy, like 10 o’clock at night, I’ll be talking to someone like- hey Reg my brother was arrested for DUI? Okay, relax, it’s going to happen ABC. So don’t worry about it. Tomorrow morning, we’re going to have an attorney there helping you. Or Reggie, my sister is coming with a student visa, she wants to go to college here. Can you help us to relocate her. So we do all that. So I got to a point that I said, Well, it’s 22 years, and I want some I want to do something fresh, but still in this area. So when we decided to go franchise to franchise Total Help, I of course, I hired a couple lawyers to help me. And I came to the conclusion that instead of franchise, licensing was a better thing for me. And I ended up having a meeting with my team. And I told them about my story. I told them how much I was grateful for everything that they did. And I wanted to facilitate all of them so they could buy their own unit and they all raise their hand and say- I want it, I want it. So in one meeting, we close the 25 offices, because at that point, I had reduced in one meeting. So my attorney next day was really busy doing contracts with all these girls. So that was December of last year and January of this year. So I thought to myself, Okay, new cycle for me. This year, I’m going to now see how this new system is going to work. I want to watch the girls, like I always do every time I do an expansion, I plan and then I want to watch and see what needs to be adjusted, if I need to do anything to make it better. And so yeah, so in January, I said to myself, so the rest of this year is going to be to watch how this goes with the girls. And in my contract. I was supposed to be there as a support for six months. So I knew that for six months, things would not change much for me, because I would still have to answer those questions that I used to respond daily. So June came by and I thought to myself, Okay, I’m the vet I don’t have to do anything anymore. But then I got more people interested in new licenses. I had a friend of mine, she’s an influencer. She said let’s do a live with you and tell about this story. And because in the Brazilian community, we are very well known known she on the on the slide she mentioned, well Total Help now it’s a licensed business so you can have a chance to own your own office. And next day, I got a phone call from three law firms in Brazil interested in having Total Help license in Brazil.

Jessica Weaver  23:55

And thats how it started in Brazil, amazing. 

Regiane Glory  23:57

Yeah. So here we are with, we ended up signing up five licenses in Brazil. And so now we have we’re back to the 30 we have a 25 here, back to 30 in Brazil, but besides that we have Portugal because of language. Brazil, Portuguese and Portugal also Portuguese. So we ended up having offers there too. So we sign up two licenses there. Japan was very interesting for us because Brazil has a huge, a lot of the Brazilians comes to the US. A lot of the Japanese goes to Brazil.

Jessica Weaver  24:40

Oh wow. Look at that. 

Regiane Glory  24:42

Yeah, so Sao Paulo is the state that has the biggest populate biggest Japanese population outside of Japan. So what happened is a friend of mine who is living in Japan called and said Reg I’m interested in trying to do Total Help here. It’s so beautiful the work that you do,  blah blah. And I said, Okay, let’s try. But in Japan, the work was completely different. I mean, it’s still in the legal field, but nothing that I expected. I actually think that our it’s our mission there. We help moms with translation, moms that take kids to school. So what happened most of the time is Brazilians marry Japanese because of the mix of the melting pot of Brazilians and Japanese in Sao Paulo, and they ended up going to Japan. So babies born in Brazil, Mom and Dad, take them to Japan, and they are put in school and mom cannot communicate with the teachers. 

Jessica Weaver  25:46

What a nightmare. 

Regiane Glory  25:47

Yeah, so basically, that in Japan, what they do, Tokyo- we are, like 20 minutes from Tokyo, they just do everything writing all the notices are given in writing because they can’t communicate with the the mother’s right in schools with a lot of immigrants. So now we do translation for those moms for half of the price. We go to meetings, our translators, they go to meetings in school to help the mothers. And the one that I’m very proud of is we have an interesting case in Japan. This Secretary that we have, she started doing translation. And she found out that there were people in jail that they were, they had already say that they were charged with I don’t know DUI, and they were supposed to be in jail for five years, Japan system is very tough. So usually a little bit more aggressive than the US. So say that the person had to stay five years in jail, that person still in jail seven years later. And the reason for that is because there is no communication between the two governments, the Brazilian government and the Japanese to deport that person back to Brazil. So now Total Help is doing that we, I have friends in the Brazilian government, I was able to call this very nice friend of mine, I asked her, What could I do to help those people, she said, the government doesn’t have the money to do this for every single person outside. But if you want, we can give you the credentials. And we give you the forms. And you’ll go ahead and you do the paperwork for the deportation. So now Total Help help those people once they finish, whatever time they have to serve. Now they are deported to Brazil with our help.

Jessica Weaver  27:40

Oh, God, what a nightmare. 

Regiane Glory  27:42

Yeah. So different pockets, different different problems. Here in the US, we deal a lot with students, people that come study, so we help them to navigate the university system, that kind of stuff, extend their visas, work visas too and investor visas. So we do a little bit of everything with our lawyers.

Jessica Weaver  28:07

It’s incredible. A theme through your story is so much of observing and finding these gaps, and then you’ve just become the solution. So much observing and just readjusting. I’m going through my notes that I was taking. And we kind of started out with saying you probably are very adaptable just being so cultural, and it’s shown in your business as well. I do want to talk about you doing a huge movement in Brazil to empower young women, and also with orphanages in Brazil. Correct? What got you into that work? How did that start?

Regiane Glory  28:43

Well, I always wanted to go back to my neighborhood. My dream was I want to go back to my elementary school and tell those girls that if I made it, they can also make it. That was my, my goal was on my bucket list. Yeah. And interesting enough, I do some work with the Brazilian Embassy in New York. And here I was months, six, seven months ago. And a high power top model in Brazil, like Giselle was here in the US. This top model is there. And I didn’t know she was a victim of domestic violence. And she was there to talk about that. And her and I start talking and she said Regiane I’m going to have an event and I would like you to invite you. And my dad’s birthday was in August. So she said if you’re in Brazil, I’m from Rio. So and so is she so she said if you are in Rio around that time, I would like you to come and be part of this event. And but there I was thinking that was going to be something like talk to about 100 woman about 50 I don’t know 50 or 100 females. My plan was to go to my school, right and talk to those girls. But then, like I said, God is amazing in my life, that I got, there, it was a huge event she was being backed up by the government, by the federal government, we had judges involved, because of domestic violence case numbers are increasing in Brazil with the COVID, increased all over the place, right. But in Brazil, apparently was really high. So they got into this movement of helping females and they got, I got into this movement with them. And I got there, we had this, we had a stadium full of females. And they brought judges, female judges, police officers, teachers, they brought females from all walks of life to come and talk to them. And I was one of them. And I was, I couldn’t believe my eyes. And I was like, I’m one of them here. So I had a chance at the end of my speech to tell people where I was from in Rio. And it’s a poor area of Rio. So, but I wanted to tell people hey, guys, I came from there. So what I did is I asked people, does anybody here know the city of Rodriguel and a lot of people raise their hand. And after I said that, I said, I want you guys to know that I’m from there. I came from there, just like you did. And it was beautiful, beautiful, was an amazing moment.

Jessica Weaver  31:36

That is incredible. We’ve yes, we’ve heard that the abuse definitely did heighten during COVID, which so many more shut doors, you’re close, isolated, alienated, it’s going to happen. It’s amazing what a movement that they started, how much strength behind that. That’s incredible. I’m sure that was a night you’ll never forget.

Regiane Glory  32:00

 No, I will never. Actually the stadium was the stadium that was built for the World Cup. And I was amazed. They were they were able to put that many females on on that stadium was was beautiful, was really beautiful. And besides that, I was already doing small meetings, like organic talk with different people, but nothing as big as the one that I just did now in August, and after that, I was invited to give speeches in different places. Recently, I just had, I gave a speech in Harvard, that was a business three days business seminar. And I was one of the speakers. So here and there I’m getting some invitations which is awesome. 

Jessica Weaver  32:50

Yeah. That’s incredible to be a speaker at Harvard.

Regiane Glory  32:55

A lot of people it’s, it’s amazing.

Jessica Weaver  32:58

And yeah, we said before too, you contribute a lot of this success to God or just trusting what God is leading you to. 

Regiane Glory  33:06

So true!

Jessica Weaver  33:07

I want to as we’re wrapping this up, some things that I wrote down was, one, you seem like a natural born networker and connector. And just this helper, we talked about the Enneagram. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken the Enneagram before. But you definitely are somebody who is probably in that that helper realm. I want to say it’s an Enneagram. Two, we were just doing this on a podcast right before this one, ]that’s what made me think of it. But the risks that you took too, selling your house and betting it on your money, and I recently had a mentor, tell me he goes, if you can bet it on this on your mind. What good is it? What good is it? And how much that will scare scare women, especially financially, I was just talking with an advisor. And she’s like, I’m scared financially to make this switch, even though I know it’s what I need to do. What helps you get? Just

Regiane Glory  33:59

sometimes you have to risk it, right? I mean, if you trust yourself, I mean, why not? Yeah, it’s either bad or set to stay where you are? Yeah, to me, it was not an option. So

Jessica Weaver  34:15

My creative director, Ilissa, she has a sign. So whenever we zoom I have to stare at the sign and it says comfort is a slow death. And exactly like you are on that path, right? You wouldn’t have been fulfilled or happy. And imagine this life that you would have missed out on as well. I know what you’re doing to celebrate. Let’s share with the audience. What are you doing to celebrate yourself?

Regiane Glory  34:39

Now at the end of the year, my husband and I, we’re going on a cruise around the world. So we’re going to be six months away, doing exactly what I love to do, getting to know different cultures, getting to know different people. I think it’s going to be amazing. I’m very excited. 

Jessica Weaver  35:01

And you have a book coming out as well, because everyone’s going to want to read about this story, everyone who’s listening, we want to know more, we’re gonna have to have you back on here. Because there’s so much to talk about as we go into this. What do you see as what’s happening next for you?

Regiane Glory  35:15

I want to share more of the experiences that I had during this 22 years with Total Help. And I think we are in a stage that the more you share, the faster we grow. So, right, because I remember 10 years ago, I had to read books, or I had to go to a library- 20 years ago, forget about it even worse. Nowadays, if you meet the right people, if you read the right book, if you go to the right seminar, if you get the right coach, if you if you’re in the right network in your life, just take off to a totally different results that you would get 10-20 years ago. So I want to share, I want to be able to help people to get their results too. I truly believe that we do not grow by ourselves. I mean, you cannot grow a business by yourself. You have to realize that and you have to be able to share with others. So now I’m in this phase of sharing, I would like to share as much as I can.

Jessica Weaver  36:27

 Yes, you’ve said that. That is another theme is the help. You’ve said, throughout your story. You’ve hired coaches, you’ve worked with mentors, even just observing what your ladies are doing, how they’re managing, how they’re running, and being able to readjust and you reference your team a lot as well. Even when the team was your mom answering the phones in the way beginning it’s I love hearing these stories. Right yeah now where can everybody find you if they need Total Help or just to learn more about your story and see you

Regiane Glory  36:58

Guys, there are a couple of ways to find me but let’s go Total Help USA that’s on Instagram. You can also find us at Facebook, Total Help group and Total Help USA. We just started with USA because now Europe and Asia and South America. And you can also find me on Instagram at Reggie glory. So that’s the three ways easy to find.

Jessica Weaver  37:28

Thank you so much for being on here. Regiane, thank you all to your listeners. Thank you for listening in tuning in to hear her incredible story. It got me excited to go out and start expanding and building and risking risking the house on ourselves. I hope it gave all of you some encouragement that push that we all need because we do not want to have comfort as a slow death. We do not want to risk it. We do so thank you very much. Thank you for listening money queens.

Regiane Glory  37:56

Thank you