S1 E06: From the Ground Up, Going from a Gas Station to Living the Life of my Dreams with Ilissa Goman

⁠In this episode, Jess talks to Ilissa Goman, who is the owner of ILISSA & Co and the Creative Director of JessicaWeaver.com & WWB. Ilissa talks about her story, going from working at the gas station to being a entrepreneur. She discusses her inspirational journey of how she went from feeling limited in her life to finding a way to not only express her own creativity but also create and grow her own business. She also talks about the importance of knowing when to change things up if something in your life isn’t working. Ilissa also discusses the importance of her being able to help others in their journey by offering a hand up with free or low cost workshops for those future entrepreneurs who are in need of it.


  • It’s so important to not limit yourself!
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people can make all the difference.
  • If something’s not working you might need to change things up!
  • If you are willing to do the work, the right people will find you and help you.
  • It’s great to be able to help others whenever possible by offering a hand up

Contact our guest:

Website: https://ilissaandco.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilissaandco/


Jessica Weaver  00:01

Hello money queens and listeners Welcome to women behind the millions. Let’s meet the women behind the millionaires the women supporting guiding celebrating women with their wealth. You will hear from women millionaires, how they got there and what they wish they had known. What got them to be a millionaire, the emotional side the spiritual side, the practical side of wealth. You’ll also get to meet the women behind the scenes helping make it happen. Let’s dive into women behind the millions. I am Jessica Weaver, your host best-selling author of three books wealth advisor and founder of the woman’s wealth boutique. Let’s start meeting the women! Hello money Queens, Hello listeners. Welcome to women behind the millions. Today we are going to go into the healing journey. We’re going to be talking about betting and risking on yourself because if you can’t do it on yourself, who’s going to risk it on you? I am Jessica Weaver, your host and today if you don’t know her already, she is my work wife, my ride or die, my bestie, we talk nonstop all day long. She’s has been in my worlds for several years now. But we have Ilissa Goman with us today. Ilissa is our creative director at woman’s wealth boutique and Jessica weaver.com. She is also the owner of Ilissa and company,  a strategy and implementation agency. Ooh I like the name of that agency, of women that takes you as a business owner from doing all the things to being the next big thing. How about that ladies. She’s a lifelong entrepreneur minus a few years at the gas station. We’re gonna get into that, girl at the gas station. She lives in upstate New York with her daughter, her chickens. Oh, we have so many stories that we can go into today or get out. We’re so excited to have Ilissa finally with us on Women  behind the millions because she really truly is probably the biggest advocate for women doing it.  Every day, all day long she says to me, you go big or you go home. That’s what we are about here at the woman’s wealth boutique at JW. So, thank you Ilissa for being with us!

Ilissa Goman  02:12

Yeah, I’m so excited to be talking with you today.

Jessica Weaver  02:15

Oh, there’s so many, we’ve been working together for several years now. And every woman needs to have someone like Ilissa with them. Build it yet. She’s a reason we can do all that we do. I know my friends are like how are you doing it? I’m like, because we have Ilissa and her amazing team, it’s not just our she has an entire team behind her, that is supporting us, our advisors, even this podcast getting it to you ladies. So, I love having her come out from kind of behind the scenes and putting her on the forefront because she has so much to give this world so so much. She’s being modest here. So, Ilissa what does it feel like to go from the girl at the gas station, And we’re gonna get into the story, but to go from the girl at the gas station to being the lead creative director at our very fast growing firm.

Ilissa Goman  03:10

Yeah, I mean, it’s incredible. You know, I look back now. And, you know, I’ve said it a million times to like friends and on social media, but like, that girl could not imagine where I am today. Like, it was not a possibility. It was not even in the realm of like, what I what I thought I would be doing. Um, so yeah, it’s, it’s incredible. I love it. 

Jessica Weaver  03:36

What is one thing that you could go back and tell yourself at that time in your life? 

Ilissa Goman  03:42

That you just have to keep going, like, you just got to take the chance and keep going and keep believing in yourself. Even when you feel like nobody else is, it’s you that has to like to pull yourself up and do it. So, yeah.

Jessica Weaver  03:58

Keep going. I’m sure everybody who’s listening right now they’ve had their own gas station version and their own stories. Or maybe they’re at their gas station. It’s a bad relationship a dead-end job, miserable, unhappy, frustrated, and having times like- Well is it me? Right? Am I the problem? Did you ever feel that way? 

Ilissa Goman  04:19

Oh, for sure. 

Jessica Weaver  04:20

Is this what work being, is this what adulting is going to be and is this what I really want?

Ilissa Goman  04:25

Yes, well, and I think too, you know a lot before I kind of went on my healing journey. I just kept thinking like, I’m doing everything and nothing is working. Like why isn’t it my turn? Right? Like I just kept telling myself why isn’t it my turn? I don’t understand. Like, I’m always the nice one. Right? Like I always put others before me. And you know why? Why can’t it be my turn? It just was like everyone else is doing it and succeeding and like, you know, why isn’t it my turn? So, you know, we just had to turn things around for myself and put myself first to get there.

Jessica Weaver  05:05

Yeah, it’s true , you do get into this spot of waiting and waiting and trying to see, and sometimes God is protecting you. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. A batter. Let’s say, right Prince Charming Oh, he’s gonna come and save me and Prince Charming’s a dick. Like Well, thank goodness I didn’t go on that boat and get back to it even more but let’s dive in how? Tell us about a little bit about your story?

Ilissa Goman  05:31

Yeah, yeah, so, um, I mean growing up was like pretty, relatively smooth you know when I got into you know, the teenage years, um, you know, I went through like a lot of bullying in school, and it was related to some abuse I had been through. So that was like, incredibly difficult. And I just never felt like I had kind of a place in this, like world generally like I just kind of like,

Jessica Weaver  06:01

Didn’t I feel like you fit in with friends or the crowd?

Ilissa Goman  06:05

For sure. And you know, it just was like, this is the track you’re supposed to follow. And I was never quite on it. Not in a bad way. Just like, I just was like, I don’t know, like, I don’t know, if that’s me, but like, you know, you would just do things, right? You’re like, well, I’m supposed to do that. Okay, let’s, let’s do it. And it just never, I never felt aligned. Right? And so like,I always felt like the weirdo right, like, I’m the odd one out. Um, but so I started going to college on almost a full scholarship and decided like, I didn’t like it, right? And I left college and started working at a gas station. Because, like, Well, I had to do something, right, like, and growing up a lot of kind of the mindset in my family that was kind of always pushed was like, you go to college, you make something of yourself, if you don’t go like it’s gonna be hard, you’re gonna struggle the rest of your life, like, Oh no, so that’s a new story or theme- well, I have to struggle now. Right? Exactly. And like, no matter what I do, like, I’m not going to be smart enough now like to do anything else other than, you know, just be doing like these kind of, I never want to say menial, because like, I feel like if you feel like you’re supposed to be at the gas station, then by all means go work at the gas station, but like, you know, I had, I always knew I had like ambition, just my mindset was like, You’re not going to be anything because you didn’t go to school, and you don’t know what you want to do with your life. And like, so it was always kind of a big struggle. And, you know, I’m part of it, too, is like, I’m a creative, right? And you always have that kind of like starving artist idea in your head, like, oh, it’s you know, how are you’re going to get paid for your, your art and your, you know, kind of  I kind of do woo woo stuff too like, you know, it’s like, what is that gonna pay? 

Jessica Weaver  08:08

Yeah, that romantic story of that, that artist and couch hopping and it’s not about the money, it is about the money!

Ilissa Goman  08:17

It is, I need to live. So, you know, so I was working at this gas station, and, you know, a couple of kind of, like, you know, money things kind of came up, which I always find, you know, very interesting. One was that when I had dropped out of college, I was you know, I was working, you know, just kind of small hours to during college to make extra money. And a guy that I was working with at the gas station has said to me, like, you’re never gonna leave this gas station. And I was like, great. 

Jessica Weaver  08:52

Thanks for that encouragement, right? I can’t wait to see you tomorrow brings.

Ilissa Goman  08:57

We went on down, why not? Right? So, you know, that was incredibly hard, right? It’s like another, you know, a male figure in my life also, you know, being like, no, it’s not gonna work out for you. So, you know, I got married really young, like, that was the next like, you’re supposed to do this, if you’re not going to go to college, then, you know, start a family, you know, go down that path. And so that’s what I thought I had to do. And, you know, I worked really hard, like I, you know, I was working 40 plus hours a week at the gas station. And at one point was told, you know, we’re giving you a raise, and I was like, okay, great- you know, it was like, I was laughing in another podcast I just recorded about this because it was like, either a dime or a quarter an hour raise. Right? I was making like $10 An hour and I was like, a quarter, wow that’s like $10 a week!

Jessica Weaver  09:53

You know, really add up at the end of the day.

Ilissa Goman  09:55

Like what? And you know, so I was told I was getting the raise, was really excited. And a few months later, we had like a management change in between. And a few months later was told that because the manager changed out, they weren’t giving me the raise. And I was like, okay, that’s so like another you know, you’re just like, I you know, I’m working really hard here I don’t understand like, you know, so you know, I after I stayed there like another six months or so nine months and then went and nannied, you know, for some families, but you know, again, like with the nannying was able to just like build my business in the background, like it was flexible enough where, you know, if there was a nap time, I could kind of keep working on things and learning things. But we really, we had no money, like, this was not some like, I married rich story, like, this was like, I married, okay, and we got by, but like, you know, by no means was this, like, you know, a husband coming in to save me. You know, and I knew like, that I was maybe something more, and then I was gonna have to make it happen. So that’s what I started doing. You know, while working as a babysitter, a nanny, so

Jessica Weaver  11:17

Whatever you could do to get by and like you said, having that flexibility, because, building something else. Did that help keep you going?

Ilissa Goman  11:28

For sure, for sure. And I tried, like, a lot of different businesses. This was not just like, oh, I just like exploded as like a creative director, right. Um, you know, we, I, at one point, we had gotten a little bit of money from an inheritance, I think maybe it was like, $10,000 this was not like, you know, $100,000, you know, big inheritance or anything. But, you know, I was like, well, you know, I was able to pay off a credit card, and then use that credit card, again, jacked it right up to open a retail store. And because it was what I really wanted, like, I was like, this is what I want to do. It was like a baby product store. I had worked with kids, my whole life was like, this is the ticket, right? Yeah. And shortly after, it was around about the same time we signed the lease, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, and was super, super sick, the entire pregnancy working at the store, had her. It was rough, and, you know, had her. And you know, when she was two weeks old, she was at the retail store with me, because like, we couldn’t afford daycare, and right. You know, what are you gonna do? You know, so she was at the store with me. And once she hit like, three or four months, the lease was up. And I was like, this is not, it’s not sustainable. You know, and I had to call it quits on that. And it was hard to, you know, think you’re giving up on your dream or giving up on yourself, but knowing you have to do it, right, like you can’t dig a bigger hole. Um, so I think as an entrepreneur too, you kind of gotta know when to pivot things, right. Like, if it’s not working out, don’t beat a dead horse. Like, you just gotta change it up. But yeah, I did the retail store. I had gotten my sleep coaching certification right around the same time. And so luckily, was able to do that, you know, I started it, and was able to do that at home. And again, just like babysat, and nanny, you know, kind of off and on, just to make ends meet while that was getting up and running. And that, so yeah,

Jessica Weaver  13:38

Yeah, she’s a sleep coach. So, anybody who has kids, we forget about this, because she does so many other amazing things. But what I’m noticing is you kind of like you’re being very flexible and knowing to pivot, but also lining up what is next. Yeah, it’s almost like you kind of knew you’re walking in a door- nope, not that door. That’s not for me this door, nope not that door. That doors not for me, but you kind of have your eyes on. Okay. What is that next opportunity, or what can I do? Especially as your life is changing, getting married having a kid.

Ilissa Goman  14:12

Yeah, yeah. And I think too like, again, you just have to, like, if you’re like, you have to understand like entrepreneurship is not- one, It’s not for everybody, right? It’s not like just a get rich quick thing, right? Um, I have a post coming out. We’re recording this around Christmas time and my posts right around Christmas time is like You know, it says like, oh, you know, overnight success in quotes, right? Because, like, now, if you just join my journey now, you’re like, whoa, like, this is amazing. But if you didn’t know the past, you know, 15-20 years. You know, it’s a whole different ballgame. But yeah, you just you gotta know when to keep believing in yourself. Like I said, like when you feel like no one else is you just gotta keep going. And you know, and change things up, right? You can’t just be like, this is the only path to success you have in your mind, right? You have to kind of trust that things are moving around and and working for you. And I think that has been kind of a big part of my journey is, you know, I really, I truly live with, like, no regrets that like, every single thing has lined up for the exact reason down to the fact that I bought my coffee this morning, right? Or like, like, every little thing, right? Not to give people anxiety, because I get like that too. But, you know, like every decision, it really has led you to where you are like, there are no wrong decisions, right? You have to make the best of it. Yeah, you make the best of it in the moment and just keep going. And so,yeah.

Jessica Weaver  15:53

In your story, you talk a lot about the shoulds, I should be going to college, I should get married. This is when I should have kids. And we do get very blinded by what we should be doing. And what are the shoulds even coming from, our parents? And it’s coming from their parents, right? It’s multigenerational or society or it’s how your parents are influenced, or your friends are influencing you but for me, because I over the last few years been a part of your journey more and more as we become closer and closer. Seeing how you’ve been scraping those shoulds away. Yeah. And really, I think that’s what God does a lot of the times is we’re going through these paths, and he’s stripping away- Nope, you’re chasing somebody else’s version of success , nope you’re living up to somebody else’s expectations. Well, what is it that you Ilissa, want to do in this world? Yeah. I’m curious. Because you’re a tech maven, you have it in your signature. So how did you get so good at technology? Yeah. And I have to say to the listeners here, the people that are best at technology, if they’re going to view and we have another good run, actually They didn’t finish college, but they are amazing at technology like it, that’s a huge myth that you have to go to college, or you’ll struggle. But how did you get so good at it?

Ilissa Goman  17:10

Yeah. So, I mean, I think it just goes back to like, we didn’t have any money. You know, everything was just figuring it out. I had to figure everything out for myself Jess like WordPress, everything else. And that’s really how all of my knowledge really grew with business. And I will say, I do think, you know, we all have innate, like, built in kind of skills. Right. And, and I think part of that is also you know, your human design, which I won’t dive into today, but it’s such a fascinating aspect of things. But, you know, I come from a very, like artistic, but also mechanical family, right? I have both A and B side. And I’m really like, split. I truly am like both languages. Yes. And so, on one hand, it’s incredibly a great blessing. And on the other hand, it’s chaos. But you know, it has worked really, really well. Um, but ya know, I just, I had to learn everything. Because we didn’t have the money, you know, people would be like, oh, just hire a website designer. It’s like, $2,000. I’m, like, from where? Where would I do that? Where would that money go? Right? Like, I’m just scraping by, I’m just, you know, putting food on my table. And, you know, I was like, I gotta get out of this hole. Like, how am I going to do that? So, you know, I had to learn everything. And like I said, every piece of the story, it all added up to here. Right? So perfect.

Jessica Weaver  18:40

It is. It makes so much sense. Why college didn’t work for you. Because you’re a hands-on learner. Yeah. Right. You learn through experience, and really diving into a project, figuring out how to build a website, instead of just sitting there learning it from a presentation. Yeah, it makes complete sense why you took the other approach and I’m just gonna dive in, I’m gonna figure this I’m gonna be scrappy. I’m gonna figure it out totally Exactly. And how you work so well with entrepreneurs. Because entrepreneurs usually right we’re visionaries we’re big on projects , but we’re not very practical. We don’t have that engineering side, detail oriented,  really just get it done. So, you are able to talk the entrepreneurs language with the United side, but then you are an entrepreneurs best friend because they need that other side on how do I actually implement this idea and bring it.

Ilissa Goman  19:30

Yes, yes. And I think do like and like I said in my woman behind the millions, the magazine article where like, I kind of call myself like a dreams midwife, right? Where I am like, able to get your ideas out and like help your true self. Yeah, like help your true self shine. You know, really, but still reigning it in. Right? So, like that practical aspect to how to actually get those things done. To get to your big goal eventually, right?

Jessica Weaver  20:01

Yeah, yes. You’ve recently written an article for our magazine that accompanies this podcast women behind the millions. And it was about breaking up or blasting, tearing down the self-induced box. Now SELFF is your system that you created thats helped all of our advisors, has helped me, talk to us about this system SELFF.

Ilissa Goman  20:23

Yeah, so SELFF basically is like, a huge, it’s kind of like the culmination of my healing journey. So I, you know, it’s it’s been a six year process, it’s still in process. I feel like its been forever. Yeah, ideally, yes, forever. But SELFF really like, came out of it. Because I had been working with a lot of clients, right. And people generally hire me for the tech aspect, right, or like on a on a small project basis. And I just realized that like, behind the scenes, like I was really implementing my my strategy behind it. And like all of the self made biz magic. And basically what it is, like SELFF stands for your success, vision, your empowered views, your life goals, your financial mindset, and friction, right? And these are all the things that basically hold us back and prevent us like when you have yourself in your business, you’re playing by all those shoulds and supposed to’s, right. And it’s like a mismatch of energy. And clients, potential clients, people read that immediately. And they’re like, oh, its not necessarily, it’s like their inner self, their inner self is, you know, can tell like, Oh, she’s just kind of like chasing the money, or like, it’s just not, there’s not an alignment there. Right? It creates a distrust. And so when you are kind of your actual self, that energy pulls through, and is like, I need to learn more about what she’s doing. Or, you know, what is , how is that going to help me? So yeah, so SELFF the method, you know, is is a way to kind of tease that out of you, you know, and make you shine in your business.

Jessica Weaver  22:13

So what are some things that that people listening and watching this now can start implementing from SELFF? You know, the friction is one that always stands in my mind. Yeah. And the things that are not efficient in your? Yeah. So what are some things that they could do right now? These ladies?

Ilissa Goman  22:30

 Yeah, so I think, you know, understanding the difference between what you think you should be doing, and what you actually want to do, right?

Jessica Weaver  22:41

Thats big in the financial industry, let me tell ya, is, we drink the Kool Aid, this is what I’m supposed to be doing this is what compliance is telling me I have to do , You like blend in, what you look like. So that’s huge, huge,

Ilissa Goman  22:56

Because once you understand, like, what you actually want to do, it lets you plan things out, right? I usually tell clients, like when you’re 80, what do you want to look back on and say you did? Because like, the time is now, right? There’s no guarantee, you know, you you either need to be actively working towards those things, or they’re not going to happen, like, um, you know, so that’s a big differentiator is just knowing what you actually want. I think, too, it’s so important, just to understand the community of the people, you’re around, right? And if they’re actually supporting your goals, and are excited for you, or are they kind of like the negative nancies, who are just like, Oh, that’s nice, right? Yes. Yeah. 

Jessica Weaver  23:48

That is a very good point, because we’ve had to get rid of those, we’ve had to shed some relationships and all that. You don’t realize how much that holds your business back until they’re gone. And then you take off. Oh, well, yeah. Its like a hole on a sinking ship, and and it’s gonna bring you down.

Ilissa Goman  24:07

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s huge. You know, another part to a thing is, like, truly understanding your worth. Right. And that goes, you know, it’s part of the financial mindset part. And, and, you know, you do so much with that, you know, with all of us as a team as well. But really, just like, you know, understanding like, there was a lot of jobs I worked after the gas station for $10 an hour because I was like, Alright, I guess this is what I charge

Jessica Weaver  24:37

The amount of money that I can get or sometimes it’s you know, what can I get that I know I can get and how many times do we see what they raise their prices? They dont sell, so they lower them right away. Yeah. And they fall into that trap. Yeah. It’s like there’s this invisible wall, this barrier. We can’t quite get past. Yeah.

Ilissa Goman  24:59

Well, I think too, you know, I did some traveling this year you and I went on a trip together. And you know, I was able to go out to LA as well one time and just to visit my brother, and you know, just seeing what’s outside of your normal zone, right? So when you see that, and when you’re when you’re enveloped in a different kind of world and environment like that you’re like, oh, right, like people do have money to spend, and they are excited to spend it when it’s the right person and like, so when you’re creating things, you know, creating offers and things in your business. And you believe in it. Like, that’s what you should be creating the offers, because you’re like, This is amazing, this will change someone’s life and be excited about it. And then price accordingly. Right. But knowing like, there is there’s money out there, right? You know, it’s a big, a big thing

Jessica Weaver  25:57

Those different worlds levels of wealth has been same with myself. It’s like I grew up in my father’s firm, I knew certain amount of wealth and what a successful business will look like, in his eyes. Yeah. And that could just be your blueprint that you stick to you or you can are there other ways to grow? And build? And I think, again, the trip that we went on for both of us was eye opening and gave us this umph to really to get us to the end of the year. So I agree getting out of your world, talking with other people outside your industry, in your industry.

Ilissa Goman  26:31

Yes. Yeah. Yeah, it’s all about who you surround yourself with. And, yes, yeah. And I know, you know, when I, you know, kind of started on on my healing journey, creating that community was was hard, right? Because, you know, you’re gonna shed like those, like, familiar layers to you and, you know, it’s, I really wanna say, like, I was lucky, the pandemic came along, but, you know, I think like, that just was kind of a push for some of those, like, last final layers, right? I’m not a confrontational person. And I’m also not like a ghosting person, but you just, you have to be like, true to yourself. And, you know, know, when something isn’t the right fit. So,

Jessica Weaver  27:16

Yes, I was going to ask you, and you’ve just brought it up, have your relationships changed? Especially on a personal side or professional too let’s say both I’m involved, as you feel better?

Ilissa Goman  27:28

Yeah, I mean, I think I was lucky enough to be able to surround myself with amazingly supportive friends. Um, you know, those kind of ride or die people who are like, I got you, Who like, you know,

Jessica Weaver  27:42

 Want to see you succeed instead of feeling jealous or mad. Yeah, resentful.

Ilissa Goman  27:48

 Yeah. And I, you know, I think a lot of it too, is like, you have to show up to that friendship authentically, and be okay, if they’re not okay with it. Right.

Jessica Weaver  27:57

 Listen,  people pleasing.

Ilissa Goman  28:00

Like, you know, if they’re not okay with how you truly are, its not going to work out as a friendship, right. Um, and, you know, and that’s okay, too. So, um, yeah, it’s like, you know, surrounding yourself with that community. And, and I think I mentioned it, but so I am getting divorced, and we’re separated and, you know, financially was, you know, just stuck for a while in the marriage, and, you know, knowing kind of ahead of time, you know, building, you know, what did I need that support community to look like, if I was going to be a single mom, you know, what does that need to be like, who, who am I going to be calling and crying with and, you know, going through all these things with and who has your back for real? You know, that’s what, that’s what you need to kind of look at. When you’re when you’re on this. So?

Jessica Weaver  28:52

Oh, yes, yes. Another question to that. Have you seen your finances change? As you healed?

Ilissa Goman  28:59

Yes. A 1,000,000% Yes.

Jessica Weaver  29:06

I’m curious, did you ever almost avoid trying to heal? Because we know when we’re going to go through healing, we’re gonna have to feel some, we’re gonna have to feel we’re gonna have to go through the emotions. Are there times that you almost resist it?

Ilissa Goman  29:20

Oh, yes. I mean, you know, kind of what kicked off the whole healing journey was I was at like, a super, super low place. I I just had a miscarriage, um, like, nine months or so before? When I kind of kicked off the healing journey. And, you know, I, I went to a therapy session because I just didn’t want to be here anymore. I was like, I just this this is my rock bottom. I don’t want to be here anymore. And, you know, at that point, I felt like my body had failed me, like, what else could possibly fail in this? You know, where I’m at right now. And, you know, the therapist basically said to me like, you know, I explained all of my story to her every little detail, like, no holds barred, right? And she was like, well, you’re an addict. And I was like, what? And she was like, you know, you’re, you’re numbing yourself with relationships and just living this, like surface level life. Right? And you’re not being you. Yeah, like, and so that’s really what kind of kicked off the whole, you know, kind of, okay, well, I, you know, I had, I knew I had to fix things for my daughter that I didn’t want. I didn’t want to live like this. And she needed a mom. Um, yeah. And so you know, knowing like, you know, with, with the, when you come from an abusive past, you often keep people at arm’s length, right? Because, you know, in my brain, it was like, anything you love is going to leave, right. And so for me, it was incredibly hard to to be a mom to her, because I was like, if I love her too much, like, something’s going to happen to her. And so it was incredibly, incredibly hard. And, you know, so that was kind of the precipice that kind of kicked off everything was like, I just was like, I have to change this, this can’t go on. And you know, going from there, I did, I just did a lot of work, right. And again, I didn’t have any money, then. That’s when there was still no money. And did a lot of reading a lot of self help. Um, I really am not like a therapy person. It wasn’t the right fit for me. I only did that one session. 

Jessica Weaver  31:43

I was gonna ask, Did you keep going? I did not. I did not actually, like, lit a fuse. And then

Ilissa Goman  31:51

She ran away. Yeah, so you know, I just, I just kind of knew, right? I was like, Well, you know, what is addiction look like, right? And so then I knew like, okay, if I’m living this surface level, what does it look like underneath or above, right? And so I had to dig myself out. And that’s really what I spent the last bunch of years doing. And as I kind of peeled back the layers, you know, things started coming into my life, right? I met my amazing friend, Robin, who just completely changed everything for me, she really just swooped in and was like, What do you mean, you’re making $10 an hour? Like, what are you talking about? Because I really was doing the same work that I’m doing today, then. And she was like, what, and you know, she just kind of changed everything for me. And just gave me an opportunity and a hand up, right. And I always kind of say like, it’s never a hand up. Or let it’s never a handout, it’s a hand up, right? Like, if you are willing to do the work, the right people will find you and will help you. And you can also like, ask for help, don’t be afraid to ask for help. And, you know, and don’t feel like you have to suffer with things. And so Robin came into my life, and just found me a couple of like, smaller jobs. But that were paying a lot more than what I was doing previously. And it just gave me enough confidence to be like, okay, like, you know, I can pay my bills, and I’ll be okay. And, you know, I got to the point where I knew I would be okay, you know, leaving my husband, it was like, just enough, right? Like that just enough money where, like, next year is gonna be great. And then so that was fall of 2019. And I think you and I, and maybe just started working together then. And, you know, I was like, Okay, I’ve just done enough, like, I’ll make just enough to leave fall of 2019 and 2020. You’re like, okay, so, you know, it’s like you, things keep going, right? Like, the world evolves and you evolve and but you have to put yourself out there to do that and keep going and I have to say like, despite it being a pandemic year 2020 was one of my my highest years then to date. Um, it was it was a huge year for me and yeah, and being an entrepreneur, I was able to, you know, to stay home with my daughter when when schools were closed and be flexible and work and, and, and kind of the new role as co parents and things like that. So it’s been an incredible journey, really.

Jessica Weaver  34:46

Love that story. What is or what is the future? 

Ilissa Goman  34:50

Yeah, so I think this year is book here. It’s something I’ve kind of been like, percolating on for a long time. I know you and I have talked kind of extensively about It

Jessica Weaver  35:00

I cannot wait for this book to come out 

Ilissa Goman  35:02

Yes , and girl at the gas station. So girl at the gas station I have kind of started sprinkling it you know little hints and about it but it’s really kind of a part of our business where as Ilissa and co you know, we want to provide an offer for people who don’t necessarily have the funds but want to invest in themselves. And so a lot of the programs that you’ll see coming out and workshops or some of our services as well, we’ll have a girl at the gas station option, you know, whether it’s lower cost or completely free. Why not? Yeah, we just want a little bit of a hand up so 

Jessica Weaver  35:47

I really love that the girl at the Gas Station option. That’s incredible well everybody everyone is listening watching that you need to follow Ilissa and company and creative director and the future’s so bright for you where can everyone find you? 

Ilissa Goman  36:02

Yeah, it’s so mostly we’re mostly active on Instagram. So it’s Ilissa and Co and it’s my name is spelled all messed up. So it’s it’s i l i s s a and then a n d co but you’ll find us on Instagram, Ilissaandco.com all that jazz but I really I work I love working with entrepreneurs and strategy and and then our team helps you implement all the pieces that we have in place so that way you have this like cohesive you know, team and implementation behind you to really make make those things happen.

Jessica Weaver  36:38

So yeah, she’s amazing. I call her our asset builder she’s able to pull all of our knowledge, experience, expertise, she can then pull it into assets that you can use to build traction, get prospects, clients get paid on now is incredible. She works individually with each of our advisors who joined the woman’s wealth boutique. And I mean they’re all raving fans of Ilissa as am I, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you so grateful to be able to spend some time with you today on women behind the millions because you really are the woman supporting behind the scenes but now you’re you’re getting out there, you’re shining your light, you’re going big or go home, because you tell me that every day I’m gonna jump in every day. No, I’ve got your back. Thank you Ilissa for being on here. As I’m sure everyone is resonating with the girl at the gas station, whatever that version is for themselves. Yeah. Or if they’re there reach out to a Ilissa.

Ilissa Goman  37:35

 Yeah, definitely.  I think so , I think so. For sure.

Jessica Weaver  37:36

Thank you for being such a huge supporter of us in our mission. And thank you to all who listen, watch this episode of women behind the millions. We are here to straighten the crowns and not knock them off. We’re telling you to get them out of your closet, dust it off, put it back on, even if you’re at the gas station right now. Put it back on and start showing up. I’m going to leave you with one thing that I love that Ilissa says, she tells herself on a daily basis that $100 is not a lot of money. Yeah, I think for this year Ilissa it’s going to be $1,000 is not a lot of money.  For anybody  listening let’s raise that bar $100 isn’t a lot of money, $1,000 isn’t a lot of money to charge, to earn. I sort of think to myself, it’s easy to make more money. Yes, it’s easy to make more money because a lot of us have a similar storyline of it’s gotta be hard work. It’s got to be a struggle you have to sacrifice or or can be easy. All right, Ilissa, thank you for being here with us and you’ll see more of Ilissa and company especially as the girl at the gas station comes out. 

Ilissa Goman  38:46


Jessica Weaver  38:48

All right. Bye, everyone.