S1 E22- Healing Your Money Story is a Generational Gift and a Gift to Yourself, too with Allera Dawn

In this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver interviews Allera Dawn, a financial healer and high priestess who blends spiritual understanding with real-world finance and business knowledge. Allera emphasizes the importance of listening to intuition, questioning societal expectations, and breaking free from traditional ways of living. They discuss their own journey of leaving a relationship during a financial crisis, overcoming fears of homelessness, and transitioning from a banking job to starting their own business. Allera shares insights on healing the soul, removing energetic blocks, and navigating the challenges of generating income while pursuing your passion.


– Allera emphasizes the importance of listening to intuition and breaking free from societal expectations.

– She shares her personal journey of leaving relationships and jobs, overcoming money issues, and alchemizing illusions for soul growth.

– Allera discusses her unique perspective on trauma, integrating energetic gifts, and the importance of grounding in pursuing entrepreneurship.

– She offers insights on energetic healing, conscious awareness, and the power of asking for guidance.

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Jessica Weaver 0:01
Hello welcome to Women behind the millions. I am your host Jessica Weaver and we are going to dive into healing your money story. Ladies, I am so excited. We have one of our allies here the woman’s wealth boutique Allera Dawn, she is shaking up the industry, she really is especially the financial industry. She is known as a modern day High Priestess, which you can see why we had to get her onto our show. Founder of pure light 1111 and creating her groundbreaking soul architect series healing technology. She is creating waves as a social life and business coach, workplace wellness expert. She’s a public speaker, energy healer. I mean, she’s got a ton going on. She also is the host of the podcast pure light 1111. So thank you, Dr. Allera so much for being on here on women behind the millions, you are an ally to women as they’re building wealth as they receive wealth as they come into it. So thank you for being here with us today.

Allera Dawn 1:02
Thank you so much for having me. I’m super excited about our chat.

Jessica Weaver 1:06
I know there’s so much to go into you have quite a story. But first and foremost, I want to ask you had some pretty probably traumatic near death experiences as a young girl, can you talk about those so we can get a feel for you know, how you’ve gone from being that little girl, you went to the banking industry and now you’re on as a wellness, you are an energy healer. But I’m guessing it all began back when you were a little girl.

Allera Dawn 1:34
Yeah, so I had two near death experiences one, age two and one, age four. And when you have a near death experience with the type that I had, it actually blew open my energy field. So what that means is that I was opened up as a clear channel, it is actually something that had happened to others in my lineage previously. And I kind of grew up with myself being opened up to multi dimensional realms. So it was my, one of my youngest memories as a child was seeing people walking through walls. That was my normal. So the extrasensory abilities and the consciousness of being able to be aware of energies. And, and also, it was quite a traumatic childhood, there was a lot of arguing there was financial control. There was emotional abuse going on. So when you’re that sensitive and open, I was also very hyper vigilant to safety and other people’s behaviors. And yeah, so really that spiritual gift, it was through initiation that I learned to integrate it in body and really navigate through the world. And it was kind of also as a child, but I learned that the stuff that I was getting information I’m I’m clairsentience, Claire cognizant, clairvoyant. So I kind of have all the senses blown open, and it’s taken time to master them, it’s also meant that it is the initiation right of the High Priestess, it’s similar to what a shaman will have gone through with a near death experience to be able to ignite their gifts and master them, you kind of have to go through it, there’s no other way. So as a child, I was obviously aware of lots of things happening. But I learnt that when you share that stuff, people get scared. So as with many children, you close it off, you learn to keep that bit to yourself, you listen to your intuition. And I often found that my gifts were switched on, through need, meaning my safety and emergency, something like that, which now I understand things better is not uncommon. But when you’re navigating it yourself, it’s something that you kind of have to you’ve laid out breadcrumbs as a soul for yourself to learn new things that you wouldn’t learn from a book or people around you. And I kind of see that through all the different cycles in my life, including around money around healing trauma, I have a very in depth perspective around trauma, because trauma is multi dimensional. And that is something that’s massively kind of missing from more mainstream psychological clinical training, which I also went back and trained as a clinical hypnotherapist and a gestalt therapist, many years later, realizing there was lots of gaps, because I guess I was meant to learn that and then integrate my more energetic gifts, and own them and be and own them even while I was still in the banking world. I obviously run my business parallel. So it was all about becoming unapologetically all of myself including those experiences those gifts.

Jessica Weaver 4:44
Sure. And I can see as a young child having to almost stifle that and put it away because you don’t know what to do with it yet. Or was there anybody in your life that you thought you could talk to you about these things, that kind of mentored you along the way or really wasn’t you figuring this stuff out?

Allera Dawn 4:59
It was a lot of figuring it out to be honest. There were things along the way, as a child, there were certain experiences, there were access to books that would have given me information on things. But to be honest, like, what I was beginning to learn, especially as I experienced things later on was really this coming back to trusting my own intuition, and not putting my power outside, some, you know, somebody else, and I would, and it kept on coming back to that not putting your power outside of yourself. So I wouldn’t say I’ve had any one particular teacher, I think my soul literally put me through many baptisms of fire to navigate, and it is quite, if I look back now, and it was quite a big realization, it was quite a miracle for me actually, to be alive with the level of stuff that I had to go through just as a child. And I left home at 18, for my own safety, cut contact with my family. And that was when I was initiated into becoming financially independent. So there was many different things going on there that were really calling me to step into my power and choosing that I had to choose my own path, basically, meaning that if other people are not going to be ever happy for you or supporting you, or they actually want not good things for you, I can either sit with that, or I have to carve out my own route. And that’s pretty much been my path. So yeah, it’s not been for the faint hearted.

Jessica Weaver 6:34
No, and to be on this path, you leave at 18 and you’re now are you working? What’s going on in your life at 18?

Allera Dawn 6:42
Yeah, so I literally, I got a job, I saved up paid for my driving lessons, bought a car a month after my 18th birthday, I left. And at that point, I think a month before I’d actually got a job. And I was doing insurance. Asset Management, I think no it was insurance sales. It was for a, like an insurance company. And I realized that, you know, I’m good at talking to people, I’m good at selling, I’m good at relationship manager. So very quickly, I was like top salesperson, I was 18. And I was there for about a year. And I started doing some financial advising qualifications, because I wanted to better myself, I wanted any opportunity. And they knew that I could learn really quickly. And then when within a year of being in that place, I’d kind of outgrown it. And I went for a job at JPMorgan and got the job and went into a job, which was really quite a blessing because it was in the custody department as a client relationship manager, and it was cross asset class. So I literally got trained in absolutely everything to do with how a custody client would be managed. So by 19, I was going to London doing client meetings with insurance asset managers. And it was, you know, just because I guess, you know, I learned quickly I learned through experience, basically. And then at 21, I changed roles and actually went and worked in New York at JPMorgan. As these doors opened up, I realized that I learned quickly, I was accountable. And I was quite intuitive with what I was doing. But I was also really young. So I came up against a lot of this kind of Who does she think she is?

Jessica Weaver 8:22
And in a man’s world, right?

Allera Dawn 8:26
Yeah And by women. So I remember on my 21st birthday, there was one of my colleagues who walks by on the same day. And she made this real bitchy comment that, you know, she it’d really triggered her because obviously, it was such an awareness. And I’d been promoted twice in nine months. So I was the youngest by 10 years in my department. And obviously, all these buttons are being pressed with people, because I’ve just come in and got on with it. And yeah, she was like, I can’t even understand why, you know, they’re letting someone as young as you do this job. I mean, you’d get fired for saying something like that now.

Jessica Weaver 9:01
Why are women putting women down like that. I had a very similar experience was when I started out in the financial industry. And its heartbreaking, because we’re not going to make any waves by doing that.

Allera Dawn 9:14
No. And I really did see that ironically, I’d been employed by some men that had interviewed me, but it was harder working with the women because they were the ones that were trying to actually hold me back rather than actually supporting me because I’m still a young woman, you know, regardless of anything else, like I’d clearly had, you know, experiences that meant that I was obviously working a lot younger than other people my age so they didn’t really have maybe the emotional intelligence and I think that is something that’s coming up now anyway, we need emotionally intelligent people at businesses and management level, and I definitely experienced what it was like to be on the other side of that

Jessica Weaver 9:56
Sure, It’s almost like the women that they had to take on that alpha dog male energy in order to make it and they forgot all about the connections and the relationship that was more your competition, I’m going to be the successful one.

Allera Dawn 10:10
Oh, yeah, yeah, I’m definitely, you know, it’s like, as though there was this scarcity thing. And also, you know, seeing people wear masks, and seeing people, you know, act certain ways to like senior management, and then behave completely different to other people, so many games. You know, and I could feel it as well. So I was very attuned to kind of playing the game, but not missing out. You know, I was, I was outspoken This is, I guess, that element of the I ended up getting a, when I moved into the New York role, I had a team of eight people who were at least 10 years older than me. So I, you know, I was always assertive. And I was always articulate in standing up for myself, because I kind of had to in life and learnt that. But it also meant I got responsibility, because I could lead. So I had some amazing opportunities off the back of it. Even though I recognized that I was the contrast, I was the one who kind of, you know, whether I was the youngest managing, or I was the woman in the man’s world, or whatever else it was, I guess, you come to kind of break these paradigms.

Jessica Weaver 11:16
Yes. Yes that’s amazing. So how long did you stay in the banking world for? I mean, you sound like an old soul, to be at 18/19 and to be climbing this corporate ladder and to be so focused and determined, is amazing. How long did you last in the financial banking world?

Allera Dawn 11:34
So 20 years. So yeah, so in 2008, I had so that’s the financial crisis, I’d been with someone for like seven and a half years, I was in this long term relationship, we were about to get married. I’d actually just moved jobs UBS to Morgan Stanley, six months before and then the crash happened. And then I started getting these huge epiphany awarenesses that I was in the wrong relationship, if I married this person, what was going to happen. And I knew this was my soul kicking in and it was like a, you know, crap Crossroads thing. You need to make a big decision here. And thank God, I had worked through my 20s and earned enough money that I could actually afford to leave and support myself on my own. So when I made that decision, and you know, kind of had the conversations, you know, we’re going to try and work out counseling, he wasn’t willing to be vulnerable like that. I’m like well I can’t stay with somebody if they’re not willing to do their inner work, if we’ve got issues. So I quickly made a big decision and left and yeah, in the financial crash. So it was a very weird situation to be in, quite vulnerable. But it was really the first time that I then went into counseling to get help for myself. And that then was the catalyst for me retraining to help other people and to find, you know, from pain to purpose, really. And I stayed doing that whilst I was in the bank. So my banking job basically paid for me to go back and retrain set up my business, it was like, I call it my angel investor. And I’ll often say this to my, my clients, like you’re no, you’re itching to get the side hustle and go full time. But like, give yourself that space and recognize that actually, it was very grounding, because I could actually do the job with my eyes shut. And it meant that I was not jumping to being, you know, paid by a salary to suddenly having to generate my own income. And that’s where all the money story stuff comes up. Because suddenly, it’s like, a very different energy and this is what a lot of people don’t realize is like, you know, it’s all great if you’ve got the side hustle, and you’re just filling money in this pot. But the minute you’ve got to generate leads, you’ve got to pivot, you’ve got to find new advancements, because you know, something’s happened in the online world. That means no one sees your materials. And that means that could impact your, you know, security, everything changes. So it was a real initiation for me, in that lead up to leaving, because it was actually going and doing some homeless shelter work whilst I was in the bank that brought up this huge fear and trigger about, oh, my God, I could end up becoming homeless. If I left the bank and I go full time in my job, what would happen, like, you know, suddenly, you have this existential experience of these people that have gone through and lost all these different things. That was a big trigger for me to actually start my money healing. I mean, you couldn’t even imagine where that came from. But it was, obviously when I started to pick through it. It came in so that I didn’t have to actually experience it real time. I could actually go into that in advance and that’s what I actually help a lot of my clients with because then they kind of know their patterns. They know what’s playing out in the unconscious, and it does not need to be the emotional charge trigger, which could derail somebody if they don’t have the support. So I kind of brought all my lessons and my learnings, and I now, you know, fast track it and pass it on to my clients.

Jessica Weaver 15:09
Instead of having them have to hit rock bottom. You can be more proactive. And, yeah, you bring up a lot of things that I want to go into, the financial security that you’re able to build, to be able to make those leaps. That and combining with the crossroads, I’m sure every listener to this podcast, myself included, you’ve been at that crossroads in your life. And it’s very familiar, right, just to stay the course, to stay in a bad relationships, with that career, firm, broker, dealer or whatever it is, or make the leap. Do you think having that financial security allows you to make that leap?

Allera Dawn 15:47
Oh completely I mean, my friends at the time would not have been able to leave a relationship and afford to live in London. You know, London is super expensive. And, and it was only the fact that when ironically, I’d moved jobs, obviously, six months before, and I’d actually negotiated really well, because there were two job offers. And I kind of played them off against each other, different firms and got guaranteed bonus, I was used to the fact that you don’t negotiate upfront, when you go into a job, you’re going to be out of market rate within a year. I just worked, you know, nine months. So why should I forfeit my bonus, and I knew this, you know, men do this all the time, but women don’t get exposure to it. And thank God, I’d kind of like exercise that muscle earlier on, because it actually meant that I had, you know, some money, you know, a lot of money obviously had gone into the weddings, like all of it was kind of paid for. So, you know, there was all of that going on. But you know, there was that wiggle room. And also there was this deep knowing inside, that, you know, I was only a few months away from the wedding. So the cost of unraveling that versus making that big quick change, which was literally within three weeks, I’d unwound the whole thing and moved out. And we owned a property together. So that in itself, you know, becomes another, It’s complicated, because you’ve got all your emotional stuff going on. And letting everybody else know, and you’ve obviously been in the office telling everyone about your engagement in New York and all that stuff. So I mean, it was huge. It was huge to process that. And I have to say that that is where get the help, get the therapist, get the coach, get somebody that is trauma informed, if you’re going through big shifts like that, because, you know, it’s so many things, but also so many things that you have blind spots to because you just cannot actually think about everything. And I think that’s a big thing for women, when they’re making big choices when we’re actually in fight or flight which you are in those big decision making times. It’s very hard with your short term memory. It’s also very hard to get a detached perspective, because we’re often viewing things through a triggered nervous system, which also means a lot of fear. So having somebody whether it’s a financial adviser, whether it’s like someone like myself, stabilized nervous system that could give an expanded view, can literally calm you down and just be like, I can breathe again, I can move forwards. I have multiple opportunities here. It’s not the end of the world, it’s very hard to do that when you’re in it on your own.

Jessica Weaver 18:23
Yes, I’ve noticed that just being able to present options to somebody, it just gives them that breadth back instead of feeling so trapped or forced down a rabbit hole they don’t want to go into is huge. And you said blinders. It’s true, where our brain has put blinders on, because it’s programmed to think and operate a certain way just based on our past. Yeah. So like, I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today without my coaches, without my support team and knowing that everybody is aligned with the mission. And on the way. So how are you helping these women and who are the women that you’re working with? Is it the corporate woman, is it the one going through a divorce? Or is it not really that type of woman, it’s just you know, who’s ever going through that trauma, or that transition?

Allera Dawn 19:08
So it’s interesting because I bridge business, finance, wellness, and coaching and the kind of clinical world so I’ve got doctors, physicists, I’ve got professionals, I’ve got CEOs, founders, startups, and all in different stages of their lives. You know, all at different situations with their money, but they know that they are wanting to create some level of positive impact and change whether it’s through their business or something else they’re doing in their lives. And it’s often when they come in with some kind of like, money issue. I they they’re, you know, going through a divorce, for example, and massively triggered with the trauma from the divorce and then they’re suddenly having to go to court having settlements and all this kind of stuff. So I’ve worked with people that have had very, very large settlements and the negotiation side, looking at the energetics of what’s happening, and really helping them actually have the power to negotiate better, and actually push back. And when I’m tapping into say the energetics of what’s going on everything’s in the energy field. So when this game player is playing in discord, and when there’s space for more, but maybe they’re getting an offer that’s down here, I can see all of that. So I can empower that person and clear their, you know, maybe blocks or fears or whatever it is, and give them some tools and language to go back and negotiate with. So I’ve worked with this is like the quartering way of working with money. So I’ve worked in that kind of thing. But then the interesting thing there was that that person’s trauma came into the upbringing, where you were told by grandmother and mother, that to be successful, you found yourself a wealthy man, doesn’t matter who it is, you just found the wealthy man. So this person had gone to university then literally been in a marriage with somebody who had kind of kept her. So she had no independence, no confidence about herself. Yes, exactly. Working with that kind of thing was somebody that was in a relationship with ultra high net worth the family were connected into billionaire families. And then she was kind of being knocked down for the amount of money that they were trying to give her. So I can see all of that. But also, those numbers don’t scare me from the industries that I’ve worked in. So I have that perspective, I can see energetically what’s going on. And I can also see business wise, what’s happening. So from that perspective, I worked with her for about six months through that whole period till she actually got what she wanted, and was able to walk away from it, not only with the settlement she wanted, but also energetically free from the level of trauma that had actually been playing out for her. So there’s that. And then I also work with people that are scaling their businesses that are wanting to move from the side hustle to the, you know, full time role. I’ve worked with authors, I’ve worked with all sorts because everything’s interrelated. So whatever our next big leap is, it’s not in just one area, we kind of need to make sure that okay, what’s the support here, can your business deal with, you know a scale and more clients and more money? Is that actually, some people be overwhelmed with receiving so much so quickly, makes them contract, sabotage, mess things up, we have feast and famine that plays out.

Jessica Weaver 22:30
I’ve done that before.

Allera Dawn 22:35
So I kind of, it’s very bespoke to the individual. It’s not like a here’s my two step process. But one of the key things I do is I go to root because the root is in the unconscious, that’s 95% of the show that’s running is the unseen. So I can tune into the soul records, the energetic field, look at the different timelines. So I’m almost like looking at things with a different view. But then also getting the the kind of day to day physical reality of what’s playing out, which then means we can actually make choices with unseen information, that means we can actually bypass a lot of drama, so people making. Thats the high priestess in me that’s my, my, well, my aura is blown open, I can see everything, it gave me this gift to you know, bring in the real world, finance and business knowledge, and understand what’s actually playing out in the wealth fields. So it’s like it’s, it’s interwoven. But for me, because of my background with trauma and experiences. I understand that if we look at soul and we look at the unconscious, if we heal there, we remove the energetic blocks, then we look at mindset, then we look at habits, then we look at financial literacy, then we look at, you know, do you need to gain new physical skills to run your business? Because it’s not like a magic wand, you’re born with it. Those are the things that we almost do secondary to the energetic healing work, which actually, once we have conscious awareness of something, which is a massive blind spot, we can alchemize it, its not a lifetime. So I often have clients that will be working with me one to one, but there’ll be unboxer. So something comes up today, I can tune in on what’s going on, give them a download, on the box, a message and they can go and make a different decision reset, not triggered. So it’s like, really helping people transition through whatever change. I mean, it’s so diverse, and that’s what I love about it because it really gets me to help anyone that’s on their path. You know, and I don’t work with people that are not wanting to make positive impact in the world. That isn’t aligned for me. I know that the more people I help that go on to help other people. It’s that ripple effect. And if I can, you know, help them stabilize and help them have this really strong vortex of, I know I’ve got someone powerful on my side, my god we need these allies because a lot of the time we feel like we’re doing on our own, then that is my gift.

Jessica Weaver 25:12
I love that you’re marrying the spiritual, the soul, the healing energy with the practical, the operational side, I was just talking with one of our advisors who’s joining us. Now I got to learn how to run a business. It’s not like one day, we just have all the knowledge of being a business owner. We’re constantly learning and evolving. And like I said, it’s like having that power player. I played basketball all through college, you have like that power player on the bench that you know has your back. Like having that ally that advocate in you is huge, its making me so curious. Like I would love to meet with you offline. Like, what’s the problem going on with me? What are my blocks? What are my blind sides? Is there anything that the people listening or watching this, they could do to just kind of tap in to themselves with their energy? And all that you could share with us? Like a little little tidbit?

Allera Dawn 26:04
Yeah, so I would say that understanding one of the key things I would say is when we’re often in this kind of like, there’s two things for women, your desire is your soul speaking to you. Yeah, as women, we’ve been told to ignore our desires, because don’t get too big and don’t get too greedy. And don’t get too much. So when you’re being nudged that something excites you, and you’re drawn to it, and it feels expansive. Listen to that. Yeah, because we’ve been told to shut that down. That’s a key thing. A woman who knows who she is, and what she wants, what she desires, is on track to follow her purpose, because she’s listening to soul. So that I would say

Jessica Weaver 26:48
I’m lining up inside right now. But this is so true. Yeah, we have been trained to ignore them. And when you ignore them for so long, you forget you even have them to begin with.

Allera Dawn 26:59
And, and what’s happening at the moment is I call it like, it’s spiritual awakening, spiritual breakthrough, often through mental breakdown. Because if you were on the wrong path, Yep, that was literally, me, it was like injury. So I literally had one serious injury, and then six weeks other, you know, in recovery, another. Which meant I couldn’t even walk, it was like, if there was any way to make you stop the path you’re on. It’s like, literally make her immobile. And then for me, I got a diagnosis of, you know, you’re not going to be able to walk properly, you’ll be on crutches and boot and everything for the next nine months. And I sat there and I thought, Oh, my God, and then I thought, No, I’m gonna find another way. So for me, it was like, we get our activation to go and find something different outside of the limitations of maybe a diagnosis or a situation. For me, I ended up actually getting an MRI two months later, and I’d healed myself. And the guy was like, I don’t know what you’ve done, or how you’ve done this, because that is not in the normal trajectory. But, you know, keep going. And I’d have had injuries later on actually a few years later and gone back to him. And he was like, the only toolkit I’ve got is I can give you an epidural. And I’m like, Well, I live at the top floor of a townhouse in Notting Hill, I can’t have an epidural. Because you know, I’d torn a disc in my back. And again, I found a new route. But what I was doing with him was like, I guess showing him there’s another way outside of his belief systems. So I kind of see that a lot of people are going through like either relationship breakdowns, or these points where they’ve seen all these red flags. They know in their hearts, they’re on the wrong path. But they’ve ignored it for so long. So the soul intervenes, and I call it the big boot of the universe. If we’re on the wrong path, the big boot will take you into the right path and stop you because we’re so poerwful with our momentum. And I’m somebody that’s got a lot of like power. So I’m kind of like, go, go, go, I’m excited and passionate. But if I’m off down the wrong place, they’ve got to find a way to stop me. So it’s like the soul will find a way. So I kind of feel that when we come back to slowness, we get connected to our bodies, our hearts and we start to explore more of that. We actually get space to listen to our intuition. The feminine soul, the guidance, the inspiration, the am I actually on this path, because that’s where society says I should be, or because that’s what my peers are doing. Actually, what is it I actually want? Because we are in this really interesting time where we’re breaking free of how we’re meant to live our lives. We’re getting to create our own adventure. And that does mean kind of, in some instances, going your own path that’s not going to look the same as everyone else because you’re being true to yourself. And that in itself is frightening. If you don’t have any guidance. Um, you know, it’s gonna bring up your money story because suddenly you, you might be leaving a relationship or a job or something like that. But the irony is, all of it is soul growth and expansion. But it’s also how we alchemize anything that’s illusion, because we even our money, beliefs about scarcity and unworthiness of things and all these stories. It’s an illusion that holds us back from the abundance that A we are as souls and B what is available for us. So as women, we are literally breaking through in this generation, so many chains of societal ,ancestral, illusion, trauma, all of it. And that’s, that’s what really lights me up. Because I think the more people like ourselves that are offering our wisdom for this expansion, and this transition, this is literally how we create the power in the feminine dollar or the feminine pound, we get to stand at tables, we get to shift things up for all the women and the children before you know behind us. It’s powerful times and it’s all solid. This is all like happening for our sovereignty and freedom is the way I see it

Jessica Weaver 31:12
It does seem to be like you I view as a pioneer. Women are coming out and being the pioneers, for this change. And the pioneers they’re not always the ones that are remembered, but they’re the ones that that made that difference that made that movement, started a wave of things. I have one more question for you, do you think every transition, there’s trauma, or did a transition break up or trigger previous traumas in our lives?

Allera Dawn 31:41
Triggers can happen, because of we call it blocked energy, it’s unresolved things in the unconscious. So your unmet needs as a child might be triggered by your boss. So and that will mean that your nervous system gets jacked up, and you end up kind of either regressing into that child, or, you know, acting out. This is partly why I’m doing workplace wellness stuff to educate people on this kind of stuff. When we have the transitions, you are going outside of your comfort zone. So you’re coming up against almost like your self-made glass ceiling, the upper limits, and anything that we kind of stretch out of that capacity of what we know, our brains, the reptilian brains, that we hold it wants safety, it wants pattern, it wants repetition, doesn’t really want change. But change is always happening. We’re always constantly growing, and the soul is all about expansion. So it’s almost like coming up against this, like, human biology that we have. But knowing that there’s this deep desire within us that knows that, A. we’re safe, B. you know, we are supported. This is you know, the support is there in many different ways as well. And that if we step little steps out of our comfort zone, it becomes almost like a muscle, we get used to flexing. And I find that the more that I’m working with women that you know, they go through lots of different layers of transformation, because it happens in all areas of your life. When you look at one area you’re like right, I need to realign something else somewhere else, you get more confident in your own intuition, your choices and your decisions. Therefore, the expansion and the transitions get easier. So I think it comes down to knowing yourself, that takes time, we’ve got to be kind to ourselves, I think people kind of are in this almost like well, how do I do it now. And it’s like, well,

Jessica Weaver 33:36
Get me to the end of today yesterday.

Allera Dawn 33:40
So but the you know, I’d say that if you want to go fast, should we say I call it the quantum leaps, work with somebody else, because they’re going to see your blind spots, they’re going to not just hold you accountable, but they’re also going to help you when you wobble. And that means that those transitions get to be smoother. If we try and deal with it all in our heads and we get overwhelmed all the rest of it, we actually energetically create more of the chaos that we don’t want, rather than flow. So I work with women, you know, in many different ways, and this is literally attuning them to a new way of being. So that we do get to take these big leaps and these big moves and feel more confident in ourselves and it is unpeeling another layer. I mean, I’m going through constant I call it 40 Day rebirth, it’s like an energetic upgrade. And next layer of evolution comes up and I’m like, okay, that means I now need to get into the mainstream because they need to hear my message and oh my gosh, what comes up about being seen and sharing in this way. But I know that it’s here for the highest good. So that’s my why and that propels me forwards, even though I’m gonna get the same stuff come up as most people do. I’ve just found that I don’t sit in my emotional basement. I’m able to alchemize it quickly with the toolkit and move forwards and that’s really it’s all of us are getting learn to navigate quite rapid change.

Jessica Weaver 35:04
Yes, yes. And this is a perfect, beautiful way to end our time together on women behind the millions. But the intuition is, women are starting to relearn how to trust their intuition, I feel we forgot about it, we get to these phases where we just plug into the routine, days over and over. So I love that we ended with tapping into intuition. And then the changes happen easier, more effortlessly. Right? They just keep coming and growing. So thank you much, so much Allera for being on here with us. We got to get more of you, where can people find you outside of this podcast?

Allera Dawn 35:41
Yeah, so connect with me on my website, which is www.purelight1111.com and Allera Dawn on LinkedIn, on Instagram, I’m @purelightallera and I’ve recently set up something called Ask Allera because I’m getting guided that I need to bring through these different perspectives that free people from feeling stuck. So that will be broadcast on YouTube, LinkedIn, and my pure light 1111 Facebook page and if you have questions, you could send it to askallera@mail.com and I will answer them because I feel that many people are getting stuck in all these different things, whether it’s manifestation or and actually, I want to give it the High Priestess perspective, which actually means you might be getting some amazing tips that can help free you. But also I give away a lot of energetic you know, resources, tools, I have my soul wealth program, which I will share the link here so that if people want to understand more about aligning your purpose and your business and your money to soul then they can you know follow through on that program, which is free and learn more and also receive some of the energetic clearings I’ve talked about.

Jessica Weaver 36:53
Oh fantastic. And just say your website one more time.

Allera Dawn 36:57

Jessica Weaver 37:00
Purelight1111.com, awesome. Thank you so much for being on here with us Allera. Thank you all for listening. All of our money queens here at women behind the millions. We will see you on our next episode.