Quantum leaps in your money!

I’m sitting on the flight to Tampa Florida for a 3 day event with my business coach. In her world, I now work as an accountability coach and coach groups of women financial advisors as well as some one on one work. And I love it, I’m beaming for joy as my flight is about to take off! 

I’m on the other side now! What do I mean? I’ve been a wealth advisor for 11 years now, and when I started in the industry in 2010 fresh out of college, I was on the hunt for a women financial advisor mentor. I asked numerous women who made their mark in my industry for help. And guess what? They all turned me down, they didn’t have time for someone like me. It was crushing! Coming from the sports world of teamwork, captains, and coaches, I couldn’t understand why the women didn’t want to help out. Being team captain of my college basketball team for 2 years, I cannot imagine turning down a new teammate when they needed extra help. 

I have to admit, it was a red flag and a huge turnoff for me. Why were these women turning me down? Simple: they were threatened! Threatened by someone more eager than them to learn and take over. It wasn’t me exactly they were scared of, but the thought of me. The industry made them this way, made them have to be guarded of their skill set and expertise! Guarded of their book of business. Being guarded doesn’t help anyone! It doesn’t raise the level we are all playing on! In fact, it’s letting you play down. 

Well now I’m at the level of these women, and I love giving back to the industry! And more importantly, I love making major Shifts in the industry! To build a community of inspiring, high achieving women to learn, grow, and push ourselves as advisors, mothers, friends, and mentors. And now I’ve built the Women’s Wealth Boutique with a powerhouse team of women financial advisors complete with our Money Council! (Link to WWB with concierge calendar link) 

At this point, I’m grateful those women said no to me because now I see how special these moments mentoring one another are. In fact, I can show you proof in the numbers of how important a coach really is. 

The years I work with a coach, my income will grow 85-95%! Whereas the years I try to do it alone, my income grows 10-20%! 

That’s a huge difference! And with compounding interest, you can imagine the momentum that builds as your income starts growing 100% a year. 

Some years I get stubborn and think I can do this alone. Yet, every time I find myself floundering, overthinking, and over doing! It always leads to a year of complete burnout! Exhaustion, getting sick more and more, and trying to control every aspect of my business. I find myself doing more of the operational side of the business like taking prospect calls, putting together social media posts, doing my #pinkfix packages. All the tasks I should be delegating, I start doing again! I end up reversing my momentum and working twice as hard for little if any growth. Why? Why do we do this as women? It’s like banging our heads against a wall thinking that will move the wall. But we only end up falling to the floor with a head ach and crying! 

Enough! Enough of this madness! Why are you still trying to figure out all the answers by yourself? Nonstop reading self help and business books, googling, attending events, trying to fix a problem when in fact your looking at the wrong problem to fix! The problem is low income! The problem isn’t low savings! The problem isn’t not enough consistent leads! The problem isn’t feeling like an imposter or apologizing when you raise your rates! 

It’s not even a problem at all your trying to fix! It’s just a shift in your thinking! 

When you hit the moment where you throw your arms up in the air, and yell I don’t know what to do anymore! 

You actually know exactly what you need to do! 

Ask for help! Hire a specialist, enroll in a coaching program! Reach out and surrender all these “problems” to the expert who will guide you through them and avoid future ones. 

It’s your choice! You can have slow, average growth, OR

You can completely change your trajectory of your life! 

You can expand beyond anything you’ve ever imagined with your money! You can earn seven figures in a year! You can earn more while working less! 

So what will it be?