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Jessica Weaver is an author and blogger who found women weren’t responsive to the good old boy’s network. Continue Reading…

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I was honored to be interviewed by Dr. Vanessa Tyler for Sarders TV. Vanessa and I had an honest conversation about the fears women face. View the interview in its entirety here or scroll below to see the individual segments.

Jessica’s Stable Money Saver was featured in!

As an entrepreneur, you know you have to save more money, but you keep scratching your head saying, “I don’t have any extra money to save.” Continue reading

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Jessica Weaver, CFP, CDFA, CFS is a Wealth Advisor, Best Selling Author, and author of the blog: Not Your Father's Advisor. She is the founder of #pinkfix, a powerhouse community of women to grow their career, build wealth, and form lasting relationships. Her #1 best selling books include Confessions of a Money Queen, Strong Woman Stronger Assets and Time to Refine, a strong woman's guide to retiring on her own terms.