Plan like your future depends on it!

Have you ever thought about the message you are sending your future when you don’t plan? You’re basically saying, “Hey future, I don’t really care about you, I’m too occupied with today. No biggie if I don’t end up where I want.” Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration, BUT is it? AND I know you, YOU have big goals and dreams. So where is the disconnect?

How about with your business? If you don’t invest into the financial future of your business, you’re basically telling your business: I don’t want to earn more money, I don’t want a future with you. Yet your business is YOUR baby, and I know you want it to grow, mature, and help others! Where’s the disconnect?

Here’s what I’ve learned from working with women in your shoes, the problem isn’t YOU, the problem is your current plan or lack of plan. 

Why do we plan? If you don’t plan, you remain stuck in the busy and broke roller coaster ride. You are so busy all day, every day that you don’t have time to think about your future. But then you wake up one day, frustrated and disappointed that you aren’t where you want to be. Tomorrow becomes today so quickly, it’s a blink of an eye and your future is now. 

The typical way people plan is by laying out their goals. So I am tempting you to write down your darkest and sexiest goals, dream big girl! What are the goals that you are scared to say out loud because they are so intense and next level! Next step is to prioritize them, which goals do you need to achieve, which goals do you want to achieve? What is the order?

But that’s where the problem is, you can’t just prioritize them the traditional way. You also have to use my new approach: prioritize them based on the BIGGEST risks to your money today and in the future. When you take risks into account, you can stop worrying about every roadblock you hit along the way such as the pandemic shutdown. 

The BEST and most effective way to plan is using both strategies to prioritize your goals. Let me ask you, what are your biggest risks to your money right now? These can be the hardest to pinpoint, which is why you should #callJess. In all seriousness, you should reach out to a money expert to help identify your risks before the risks become your reality and you are dealing with a crisis on hand! 

Once you know your risks, you can make more intentional and BETTER decisions with your money. You can finally protect yourself, your money, your family, and your life. How nice would it feel to have protection while going after those BIG dreams of yours? You can take action without worrying about what the next setback will be because it’s already put into your plan. 

Wow is that satisfying! Ready to #callJess? I’d love to help you find the risks circling your money like sharks, just jump on my calendar: