#pinkfix Productions Presents!


Meet Carly! Carly is a successful woman in the corporate world with everything going for her, a nice salary, a beautiful house, yet Carly isn’t happy. She isn’t happy because she has NO time to be happy, she is consumed with work. Over the years, her corporate life has taken over her life, so she has no time for fun, for health, or for herself. 

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost yourself, like Carly has?

Now she is gaining weight, her blood pressure is at all time highs, and she’s terrified that the her health will only get worse. What if her health fails her in retirement after working all these years to save for it?

Without our health, our money is nothing! 

AND a decline in health can cost YOU money…a LOT of money! But it gets worse, health an cost you the most precious resource…

Health can rob us of your retirement money, but also Your precious retirement days! 

During her time in our Strong Retirement Club, Carly met with our Health and Fitness Coach, got a health plan in place for NOW and in retirement. We worked together to create and fund her Long Term Care plan in case her health requires extra care in retirement. Now Carly is actively taking care of herself, losing weight, gaining confidence, and is looking forward to a long, healthy, and very HAPPY retirement.