#pinkfix Powerbooks: Leveraging Your Feminine Empowerment at Every Age and Stage! 

I’ve been hard at work on my latest book, Time to Refine, which is a deep dive into the world of retirement. But before you can even think about retirement, you need to get a grasp on your relationship with money and the role it’s playing in your life. Strong Woman Stronger Assets, How to Raise Your Self Worth to Raise Your Net Worth to Help Gain Total Control, Clarity, and Confidence with Your Money explains the essential foundation needed to build upon, so you can grow your money just like a garden with many layers. In your garden, you need the right soil, level ground, and shade and sun areas before you can add your beautiful flowers. I’m ready to help you dig into your dream garden, smooth out the rough edges, unearth the rocks and boulders and nurture the pretty pink flowers that will bloom for years to come.

Your refinement garden comes to be as a result of pinpointing your value and assets—which is the premise of my first book.

The # 1 best-selling, Strong Woman Stronger Assets, How to Raise Your Self Worth to Raise Your Net Worth to Help Gain Total Control, Clarity, and Confidence with Your Money is book one of the  #pinkfix Powerbooks that instruct you in capitalizing on your true value in life, how to better negotiate that value, and how to leverage your power to raise your net worth. It is the perfect companion to Time to Refine.

My mission in life is to reach as many women as possible to help them take control of their money no matter the challenges they face. After experiencing the relief and joy of simple and blissful money management, I know you’ll agree there is no other way to live!

I’m here to tell you; money doesn’t need to control your life anymore. In writing about my money story and sharing numerous other stories in my books, I am touching so many more lives than I ever dreamed. These books are the highlights of my years of experience, learning, and successes that I hope you will use to help you navigate the many questions you may have about your money. I’ve dedicated my weekends and late nights to writing these #pinkfix Powerbooks just for you. You can end the haphazard money management habits we have all been guilty of practicing—sometimes, just because we never learned a better way!

It’s time to change that reality and look through a different lens, one where you are empowered to make your soundest financial and life decisions. 

Prepare to tap into the magic of living your self-worth. Being “stuck” or “trapped” in your current life, means you are accepting NOT living up to your self-worth. But you can change your financial and life trajectory drastically by making small changes with your money, and in how you behave with your money… Money impacts every aspect of your life, whether you want to admit it or not. In Strong Woman Stronger Assets, you will discover how your relationship with money may be jeopardizing your future; how to modify your current money beliefs and behaviors to enhance your goals, and how to build your new plan, and identify what “asset” you are working for. 

What you most want in life doesn’t come down to money. More money isn’t going to fix your financial issues. Let me help you find your unique happiness to put yourself on a path to get more enjoyment out of your life. 

Once you embrace your path to more meaningful living in every area of your existence, you’ll be ready to strategize your retirement to your greatest advantage. The one thing I know about retirement is this: any fears or concerns you have about money now, only get multiplied once that paycheck stops coming in. What you thought was your safety net of regular income is gone, and now it is on you to recreate it, which will bring out insecurities you’ve been avoiding with your money. I want you to live your life with purpose without your money fears haunting you around every corner, looming over every good moment, and slamming into you while you are down. When you are ready to commit to living a life without regret, without fear holding you back, then you are ready for your own #pinkfix Powerbooks! From your first paycheck to your last wish of refinement, I’ve got you covered with our NEW, pinked-out book series!

After writing Strong Woman Stronger Assets and now Time to Refine, what’s next?

A guidebook on building your Queendom, of course!

Money Empire, a Strong Woman’s Guide to Creating Her Own Money Queendom is my next brainchild, and one I know you need to ensure what you have learned in the first two #pinkfix Powerbooks keeps paying out!

Money Empire was inspired because every strong woman needs an empire to fund her BIGGEST dreams! These are dreams only strong women dare to dream. It’s time to run your money like you run your business. After all, this is the business of your life…funding your life.

It’s time to stop imitating how men create and manage wealth, too, and do it our way. As you know…the future is female! Always working harder, and hitting the pavement as men have done for ages, is only going to cause you burnout. A woman’s way needs to work on her schedule, fit in between time with family, building a career, and having cocktails with her girlfriends. This is why my next mission is to hand you the bricks to build your Money Empire that will shield you from being fried and frustrated from always working harder but not getting anywhere—all from being exhausted because progress takes too damn long. 

Building your Money Empire requires commitment, guidance, and focus. But don’t worry mama, you have all three; you just need to stay committed and focused!

We both know that is where you shine. 

You should also know to feel fully confident in your money decisions, especially as it pertains to investing, you need to understand the consequences of your decisions. Ask yourself: How will this investment affect me not just tomorrow, but years down the road? What will this investment cost me to make more money? How long will it take? And how much do I have to risk to be rewarded?

The missing piece, and arguably, the biggest piece to identify is what purpose does this investment have in my portfolio? Is it bringing income, building gains, or giving me tax benefits? 

You don’t just want to throw together a portfolio or put your money into an investment. Think about the intention behind your choices. Will they help with long-term care costs? Will they protect your heirs if you pass away? Will they give you guaranteed income for life? If there is no purpose, you will feel insecure about the investment. Prioritize your needs for investing; identify your weak areas, and find investments that address these aims. Then you will understand why you should or should not add investments to your portfolio mix! When you are clear about your money’s purpose, it gives you confidence in your decisions! You will learn how to build your own Money Empire and position your money to pull in different streams of income. After implementing my money strategies, your every dollar will be accounted for and given purpose. This is YOUR opportunity to grow, and your opportunity to give yourself financial liberation! It’s a feeling even better than taking off your bra at the end of a very long day!

You might have questions about creating your Money Empire, and I am here to answer them so you can leverage your financial edge.

You might be wondering…

What does it take to build a Money Empire? What does a Money Empire even look like? In your next journey with me, we will go through the key items to build, manage, and rule your Money Empire. In fact, my goal for you in Money Empire is to learn that your life is worth the BIG dreams. Why not you? Why not now!

Here’s what we’ll cover on your road to ruling your Queendom! 

  • Building a money plan like you would a business plan that will grow as you grow—allowing your dreams to become MASSIVE!
  • Creating multiple streams of income to fund your business of living.
  • Identifying every dollar coming into your life, where it’s coming from, and the cost to acquire it. Conditioning yourself to become more efficient to avoid burnout as you grow your empire. 
  • Implementing structure in your investments, giving your investments purpose, and composing your money laws to live by. 
  • How to manage your money manager, money council, and money partners.
  • Letting yourself reign as your own Money Queen as you go after your Big Girl Dreams! 

You’re not merely building a financial plan…you’re constructing a Money Empire, and it’s your turn to rule your Queendom! No one else can do it for you!

#pinkfix Powerbooks is a series of manuals for the modern woman’s life to be used at every stage and age.

Strong Woman Stronger Assets exposes your love-hate relationship with money to find out why you act in certain ways. You’ll learn to implement small changes in your life to make drastic transformations in your finances.

Time to Refine is the next level and book in the #pinkfix Powerbooks. Read it and practice

living life on your terms. Once you have mastered your money, then you’ve taken the steps to reach book three…

Money Empire provides you with every tool you need to construct your empire. After all, every strong woman needs one!

#pinkfix Powerbooks: Leveraging Your Feminine Empowerment at Every Age and Stage

Let me help you unlock your divine female power to own every aspect of your world.

All you have to do is reach out!