Part 2: The ultimate barrier to your breakthroughs!

You have an amazing moment at work, with your kids, or maybe with your spouse. You have an incredible dinner out with your bestie or your spouse, then it ends with a fight. Or you’re having such fantastic results at work, then a minute later think something bad will happen to your kids because you just can’t be this lucky, this blessed. I have had both happen to me on a regular basis. I remember saying to my husband I have these fears that something bad will happen to our kids. He looked at me like I was ridiculous. But deep down, I thought there is no way we can be this lucky, something bad has to happen. That is life right, at least that is what we are told. Just wait for the next ball to drop or the next bad thing is just looming around the corner ready to mess it all up! 

Even before children, I thought something bad would happen to me, especially with my health. I’m just realizing now where it all stems from! You see, my grandmother on my mother’s side was extremely successful, 2 hit TV shows in the 60s and 70s as a woman! Can you imagine? What a lifestyle she had in Washington DC, celebrities, high society, and such a fabulous wardrobe. Yet, she was very sick mentally, and couldn’t handle the success. She took sleeping pills on the weekends and diet pills during the week (which back then was speed!), she drank, and partied, and that left my mother to be raised by nannies. My impression of a successful career as a woman is a life of drugs, children resenting you, and a whole lot of conflict. 

My mother always said that her mother picked her career and that my mother picked family. From an early age, I had the impression that you can only be successful at one of them: career or family, so be careful what you pick! I began to view success at work as a burden to my family. That the more success I had, the more I would be ripped from my family. Yes, you can see very clearly why I constantly sabotage my own success to stay within a certain limit, so careful to go too far and lose it all. 

This is my upper barrier limit! It is there to keep my safe and in check, but is that what God really wants for us? No way mama, He wants so much more for me, so much more for YOU!

Now I catch myself when I have these moments that I now call GULPs! Like GULP, I just did it again, I limited myself or I criticized myself or I criticzied others. These GULP moments look like this: I bring on a new woman financial advisor, I’m so excited to work with her, I see so much potential, I see how she will move mountains, and I get to be a part of it all! I sit in a cloud of bliss for a few minutes, then I think how dare I! I have a to do list to get back to, I have clients to service, how dare I dream so big! How dare I take on more work when my family needs me. The guilt sinks in! So much guilt, can you relate?

These GULP moments break up the positive energy flowing in your life. Think of your positive energy as a river, flowing strong and freely! Then a boulder gets put on your river stream and blocks all the energy. This is what your GULP does, it LITERALLY prevents your next breakthrough! It is designed to keep you stuck in your comfort zone again and again and again. 

How dare it! How dare I prevent my own power from coming through! 

Now you will begin to be aware of these GULP moments in your life which is the first critical step! Clarity! 

The next step is giving yourself a new script to play off of. I now tell myself that I feel a new breakthrough coming in, I can feel it in my body, and I invite it in! I acknowledge the GULP, and then I move on. Don’t resist it, don’t punish yourself for it, but rather let it flow in and out of your mind with ease. What you resist persists, just like my daughter, the more we fight her, the worse she gets. 

All of these barriers are exactly what I teach  you to let go of during my LIFT course, a 10 week money miracle journey. It allows you to heal all these boulders of money blocks. You can then see so clearly how the barriers have prevented you from your big breakthroughs AND how to move past them. Becoming aware of them is key, rewriting the script is important, BUT you also have to heal and rewire your subconscious and your nervous system. That is where the LIFT works comes into play, you will receive a new money meditation and prayer to work with every week as you rework your nervous system, support your subconscious, and build a prosperous future! 

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